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Nobody Knows Just How Far the Deep State Will Go

Nobody Knows

If an invasion created and paid for by George Soros out of thin air by spending his MILLIONS to try to destroy our country by paying illegals to overrun our country…

If a past Secretary of State can commit felony after felony and be protected by three institutions of our government.

If a President can be attacked by X Presidents with false and vicious lies.

If three social media companies can censore the free speech of half the country…And daily malicious insults are thrown at a President who has been the most successful President in decades…

If the government can collect every phone call, every email, and scan your naked body at the airport without your permission…even arrest you with no trial….

If Saudi Arabia can kill one man and be put on the “Don’t EVER deal with them again.” list, but the Clinton’s can be suspected of the same crime as the Saudi Prince, but over 70 times that single crime…and still be protected by every rich man and leader in the world…

What make you think that ‘they’ couldn’t pull this off?

If the ‘deep state’ wanted that land, as this video portents, would they be willing to sacrifice citizens to reach that objective?

After all we’ve seen and heard in our lifetimes..Nobody Asks: Can we TRUST the Deep State?

We can ask, but we can only wonder…


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  1. Amfortas! Hey, I cannot for the LIFE of me comment on your fine blog. Just wanted to let you know…
    Yep, it’s all clouded in mud and mire.


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | November 22, 2018 | Reply

  2. First they came for …(insert here). I could barely see it happen.

    Then they came for …..(insert here). But they swore it had nothing to do with them. Or me.

    Then they came for ….. (insert here). I read about it but was told it was ‘fake news’.

    Then they came for ….(insert here) and I thought, ‘at least it ain’t me doing it.’


    Comment by Amfortas | November 21, 2018 | Reply

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