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Kamala Harris “GOTCHA” Moment of Typical Bait and Switch

Nobody Cares

If you wonder why Barr has refused to answer any more questions, watch this, and you will know why.

Clearly, not only is this senator rude, and arrogant, and doesn’t let him answer questions, it’s one of those ridiculous questions that Barr thinks everybody should know, but SHE knows the average person doesn’t know, so she is making a big accusation out of thin air.

It’s all an act of “Got Cha!” She confuses him with nonsense, and doesn’t let him talk. Typical lawyer stuff, which is why the democrats wanted their lawyers to question Barr.

Never mind that the whole ordeal was a complete fabrication.

Never mind that it was his job to report what Mueller found out. That wasn’t HIS job. All he did was report what Mueller found out. He was not required to do another two-year investigation.

Never mind that every single lawyer on the case was a democrat and Mueller should not even have gone on once it was found out that Hillary paid for it.

Never mind that Comey exonerated Hillary even before the investigation, which wasn’t HIS job.

This is the bait and switch of which the democrats are famous for.

And notice the faces on all of them. THEY think they’ve got him.

What they don’t realized is that Nobody Cares about the witch hunt of President Trump anymore.


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