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Old Ladies: Start Packing

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This isn’t new. This happened ALL through Obama’s presidency, and the left have vilified the ‘white’ man.  Obama wants a ‘colored’ world where no white man exist.

He started with the musical “Hamilton”. Rewriting blacks into American history. Tell me, how many young children will grow up beleiving that black men were the founders of America?

Nobody said a word about it. And now, the Republicans say very little. They are leaving our President out to dry.

Damn them all.

They are destroying our history, our statues, and basically trying to burn it all down. All the while they are receiving checks from our own government and Soros’s organizations.

BLM being one of them.

Obama, is a globalist Marxist. They ARE destroying our economy.

We could come back, but without help from our republican Congress men and women it will be up to the people.

The blacks AND the white liberal kids are acting like savages, and are being encourage by Michelle Obama, and all the same vicious voices that we’ve been hearing it seems forever.

So, lets start saying it: WHITE LIVES MATTER.

This poor lady.  Where is the outrage from Congress? Oh, I forgot, they are busy defunding the police.


Old white Ladies of America—I suggest we all start packing.

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  1. I worked from 79-2000 overseas that included a lot of communist countries
    The things I saw in those places has been coming to America for years
    I suppose it’s from the massive immigration of those sorts of people to America.
    It always ended up with civil wars I was in two civil wars in Yemen and in one in Angola.
    The communist, Marxist, dictators, warlords, bad guys eventually win because of foreign financing.
    Looks like we’ll be a third world shithole in a few generations because of the spineless republicans that never try to reverse the damage. I guess the globalist pay them well.
    I’ll get off my soapbox now take care things, are only get worse.


    Comment by Yesido | June 16, 2020 | Reply

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