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So, Who’s the Boss? Xi or Putin?

The talk at the opening ceremony was that Russia and China, joined together against the West. The Chinese military raising their flag brought visions of NAZI Germany. Make no mistake: CHINA, is a military dictatorship built strong now, with the help of Americans.

China is now backing Russia for the takeover of the Ukraine, although Putin has said repeatedly that he has no intention of invading. Who’s telling the truth? Is Putin now China’s puppet? With Biden in the White House, does he even have a choice?

This Nobody watched as Putin sat without a mask at the Olympic games, seeming to be bored, and if you notice in this picture with XI, he looks like a beaten man. STILL, it’s hard to believe that Russia wants to concede whatever power it has to China. But then again, the United States people do not want too either.

Still, Biden has more years as President, and the global elite are now losing THEIR power…to China. Just in the last two days, our democratic politicians are claiming that China really IS a worry.

What? All these years it’s been RUSSIA< RUSSIA< RUSSIA…Are you THAT dumb? THIS…is a FIRST.

So, if you WAR GAME this, China has its lapdog North Korea sending off missiles, his puppet in the United States, Biden, shuts down OUR country, our gas lines, our military, our whole country, and all our politicians have been protecting China up to this point. China has half of Congress in its pocket, and certainly Canada has been on board with China…and maybe we should throw in Australia. Not to mention China has FLOODED our country with drugs. More of our people have died of drugs than Covid.

China has both Bill Gates and Zuckerface working for ITS military, not ours.

And all our companies are putting Chinese people in every commercial.

The White Race is being attacked on every news media, and there is a wall around our White House to protect it against the patriots in its own country.

We have a Chinese men’s skater, and for the first time, a Chinese woman who was raised in America but is on the Chinese skating team.

I noticed the U.S.A. team came in as always, cheering, but the look on their faces when they sat down was sheer…terror.

The motive of China’s message at the opening was: Don’t be afraid, we will treat the world with kindness and love…but we WILL rule the world.

Remember, President Trump said watch what China does after the Olympics?

Can China take over the world without firing a shot?

Nobody Knows, but when Putin looks like an obedient puppy next to Xi, Nobody Wonders. Did anybody notice a lot of the music being played was German?

The article below is worth reading because it reports in their own words, the start of their merger. And you know what?

This nobody feels that, is it me? I feel that ALL our leaders have deserted us.

Except Trump. But China got rid of him too.

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