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I have heard SO many conservatives radio pundits say that they were not going to watch the Olympics in protest to China and MSNBC. But letting whoever wanted to go, go, to me was the right decision. It’s one thing to protest big companies for attacking WHITE people but come on: These kids from all over the world work every day of their lives to be the best at their sport, and to make it to the Olympics, it’s like serious abuse if you didn’t let them go.

Sure, China will cheat. And use Covid to get rid of our best.

Expect it. But there will be times, they won’t be able to stifle talent. Maybe someday…but not yet.

I hate the commercials more than the games. I hate having to put up with the BS ‘woke’ commercials, like the one I just saw with the black speed skater acting as if she (Maane Biney) is really suffering standing next to all white skaters. “I was the only black one.”

Wow. What a revelation. You been talkin’ to Whoopi Maane?

She just came in third on the Women’s 500m, defeated by a white woman. Her teammate, who is white WON first.

Maybe she should switch to hockey.

Watch this small replay game of women’s hockey. Thank goodness they didn’t allow “trans” to get on the woman’s hockey team.

The girls played some excellent hockey.

While I understand that China is our enemy, so was Hitler. And we ALL remember Jesse Owens. I don’t remember Jesse Owens claiming he was surrounded by white people. As if…

On top of that…I’m not just happy for Americans, it’s wonderful to see the joy and smiles on all these great athletics who win, and for THEIR country.

China, through all its bullying, cannot take that away. And people who do not watch ask yourself.

Do you really think China cares if you watch? You NOT watching is NOT going to change communism.

True talent always shines through…despite the communistic country it’s in: Do you really want to miss it?

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