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The Grand Jury to Indict Crimes Against Humanity…It’s about time…

Nobody Flashes.

This is what nobodies like me—And probably all the people all over the world who have been harmed by Gates, Fauci, and the leaders of ALL the countries, have been waiting for:

The people that have generated this horror on the world to be indicted.

These are lawyers from around the world, who will present in their own words “clear evidence’ of the global crimes being committed against us all with these vaccines.

Reiner Fuellmich, a German lawyer, does the BEST dissertation on the global elite and how they planned this mass genocide in order to cover up what they have done, and what they plan.

If you have gotten the vaccine, my heart goes out to you.

These are some of the finest minds you will ever hear.

If you do not have the time to listen to the whole thing, fast forward to Reiner’s speech starting at 19.38.

It goes on to 37.36.

I listened to the whole thing. All the other lawyers were fantastic.

It was ….incredible.

If you read me, pass this around to your friends. They are great lawyers, and are going to present to the world, with I’m sure, overwhelming evidence of the crimes…and they are after: Fauci, Gates, BlackRock, and the drug companies.

After all, our leaders are doing NOTHING about this.

Thanks to Alex Jones for putting this video up. I’m sure it won’t be there long.

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