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Eileen GU: Groomed for Stanford to LEAD the American Girls into China Love

Nobody Wins

I was watching the dweebs on The Today Show this morning and thought it was REALLY strange: Al (I had my stomach stapled) Roker, had a HUGE American flag Olympic shirt on. The Army American band has been playing patriot tunes. And I wondered who in the United States actually thinks these people root for America ever? Hoda is Oprah’s best friend. ALL of them work for the left.

Most Americans have heard that a girl born and raised here in the states, was on the CHINA team. I thought there was only one, so I thought the girl who fell during the individual skating yesterday was her. I can’t say I was upset. American, and skating for China? Sorry.


American-born figure skater Zhu Yi was attacked on Chinese social media after she fell — twice — during her Olympics debut for Team China on Sunday.

Zhu, 19, fell twice more during competition on Monday, and reportedly broke down in tears on the ice. Zhu was born in Los Angeles to a Chinese immigrant family. In 2018, she decided to compete for China so she gave up her American citizenship and changed her name from Beverly Zhu to Zhu Yi. Yet she reportedly faced criticism in China for not being able to speak fluent Chinese.


Wow. Will she disappear? And do you think Biden will even look for her?

Okay, so there were TWO Chinese American women on China’s team. Got it.

Then LAST night, I watched as the crowd was ALL Chinese…and another American skating for China, named Eileen Gu, WON the gold in skateboarding.

 The French girl before her, had a much better run, but what do I know? She was leading I guess and her ‘landing’ was not perfect, but then neither was the Chinese girl. The French girl broke down in tears. Poor kid. I’m sure she was tired, underfeed, was sick, who knows? Who knows what the Chinese are sticking up their Covid checked noses?

But watch the video below: Eileen Gu won gold and BEFORE she even WON gold, she has already raked in millions in endorsements from some of the biggest companies in the world. She already has been promoted on every major magazine in the world. And while I have watched and seen nobody in the crowds watching the games, HER crowd was filled with hundreds of Chinese.

Eileen Gu


Even if I didn’t land it, I felt it would send a message out to the world and hopefully encourage more girls to break their own boundaries,” she added. “That was my biggest goal going into my last run.”

Since joining China’s national team, Gu’s face has been splashed across magazine covers and billboards in the country. She has landed numerous sponsorships and brand deals, and is fast becoming one of China’s hottest young stars — though her newfound success has also come with increased scrutiny from critics in the West.

Apart from her skiing career, she’s also a model, brand ambassador, and was accepted into Stanford University, which she plans to attend in the fall.


Of course, she is going to be the next CHINA star for American girls to want to be.  Like Chelsea Clinton, she will go to the GLOBAL STANFORD SCHOOL and learn how to be a global mover and propaganda inspiration for the China/America takeover.

The Chinese have planted spies here in the Unites States for years. Whole families. Who’s to say that this family was not ‘groomed’ by the Chinese and the elites for this very moment…another cog in the great global ‘reset’? To have all those endorsements before even winning the gold seems a bit…too hard to believe.

She is well polished, and already a global star. And you should have seen the NBC people trying to act as if, winning for China was really great!

What’s the problem? China plans for decades; America plans for the next quarter stock reading. Or in Biden’s case, the next lunch.

Having seen this, don’t count on Shawn White to win much of anything.

COPPER MOUNTAIN, COLORADO – DECEMBER 16: Shaun White of Team United States competes in the men’s snowboard superpipe qualifier during day 2 of the Dew Tour at Copper Mountain on December 16, 2021 in Copper Mountain, Colorado. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

He’s already setting up his loss on NBC. He’s just getting old. Well said Shawn. Now, get home safe.

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