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Can they FORCE Us into Electric Cars?


I don’t know about you, but most of us older citizens have driven across the country or to Florida, or Colorado, or California, at some time in our life. Cars were invented in America. Somebody had to invent them. So, we did.

Many a family went to DISNEYWORLD, or to the National Parks on their vacations with the kids. Okay. You may have had to sit in the backseat with your older brother who kept hitting you with his punched up middle knuckle finger, but now…it’s just a fond memory. Dad was driving. And what could go wrong?

Not much. And not much did. The best part? Was the freedom. To stop. To go. To explore. After all, America was a BIG country, and it was ours to enjoy.

Unfortunately, those days of long family trips across our great country, are going into history. Not only are the restaurants disappearing, but so are the “Hey, lets’ stop at THAT National Park!” Now, you will have to have a reservation two years ahead of time.

They have told us that by 2030, they want us all into electric cars. While most of us say, NO WAY, may I remind you: Once upon a time there were phone booths in every town, every city, every restaurant, every corner of the country: Now, good luck finding one. Even land line phones. Not in use anymore.

We are now, everyone, glued to our cell phones. The disappearance of the phone booth was done over the generations, but due to tech, we were FORCED pretty much to all buy cell phones. And NOBODY KNOWS, if this transition from gas driven cars to electric cars is going to be FORCED on us, and if we will comply because…because like I said: the powers that run the world have already decided to “nudge’ us all into electric cars. If you can’t find a gas station, what will you do?

Why the push to get us all into electric cars? Control. They will claim it’s due to climate change, but that’s…just BS. They really don’t want us visiting or moving around much, so they invent a car that needs to STOP every annoying hour to charge.

But the worst thing about the electric car…is you HAVE to charge it. And you will charge it near the restaurant that the Tesla car TELLS you too, or you won’t be going far.

And that’s the whole problem with electric cars. They are going to change EVERYTHING what used to be great about our country: I.E., the freedom to go anywhere without being watched or controlled. You better believe that the car will record every single mile, every single stop, and probably every single word spoken in that car.

The freedom to pick and choose your route, your restaurant, even the place you want to sleep will be decided for you…by…your wonderful new car…but it WILL have great gadgets to sooth you.

Here’s a guy who tries to tell you…“Don’t be afraid…just give us your money and freedom and besides, you didn’t REALLY want to go to Disneyworld again, did you? Because now, YOU can’t afford it!”

NOBODY KNOWS if this transformation will be fast or slow, but clearly, it’s coming. And the cost of American jobs and what it will do to our economy will be JUST as devastating.

BUT— TESLA…is a GOD. And the kids will never know what it was like to have…freedom to hit the open road and just go explore. They will sit in front of their computers and look at pictures of the world, instead of exploring it themselves.

They call this ‘progress.’ They will say, remember, everyone used to have to ride a horse. Now, you will be able to save the planet while you’re eating at McDonalds. Where you will be able to only get a fake meat burger that day. Sorry. The next electric plug is 200 miles away.

I’m not ready for this. If you want to make that road trip before this happens, I suggest you do it soon, because, they took away our President, our free speech, our right to protest, our right to refuse a shot of who knows WHAT is in it, taking away our right to move about is the next dream on their Build, Back, BETTER agenda.

Remember, Paul Simon said in his song, “Preserve your memories, they’re all that’s left you.”

And THIS nobody plans to make a LOT more trips in my gas guzzling old car while I still can. This is one transformation that I’m afraid will be just too hard to stop.

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