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Did Jason Brown Just Make a Bold Statement at the Olympics


Could it be me? For YEARS we have talked about Jesse Owens in front of Hitler. His very black skin making a statement against racism in Germany. So, Nobody Wonders: Did Jason Brown MEAN to make a bold statement to the world at the Olympics? Watch the video below and YOU decided.

I know I’m going against the conservative train of thought right now, but I’ve been watching the Olympics for over 30 years, and to be lectured that I should avoid watching it is what? Because China is killing people?

Uh…who helped with that? Fauci? Gates? All our American corporations? WHO? All our great American companies use China’s slave labor to get rich. They LEFT us. They SUPPROT China. So, if you throw a hussy fit at China, you must also throw a hussy fit at America. And all those E.U. global elite snobs on the Olympic committee who gave the Olympics to China in the FIRST place.

Look in the mirror. Take that Apple Phone out of your pocket and throw it away, if you truly are going to stand on conservative principles.

FIRST: You KNOW It’s all about the money. In the last few decades hosting an Olympic event puts most Western countries who are bankrupt into more debt. Imagine America right now hosting it. We couldn’t afford it.

China BUILT that stadium to be used over and over again. Does America do stuff like that? No. I bet half the mayors on the planet are going: “Thank God. Let them host it.”

I watched the men’s single skating last night. It was…boring. The only thing that they judged was whether they could do 4 ‘quades’. spinning jumps. Nothing else mattered.

Sure, America won Gold. But Jason Brown, another American, should have at least won bronze. In my opinion, he should have won silver. He didn’t do the ‘quads.” but, what he did do was what everyone is complaining about: He skated the most beautiful skating I have EVER seen in a man anywhere. And to Shingler’s List music. Not a word anywhere about that.

Germany? China? Genocide?

Uh…any connection here?

Notice his shirt. Blood and chains bring visions forth. THIS was a statement against China’s dictatorial killing of millions of people, whether it’s the Muslims, or the millions who died from their bioweapon.

AND REMEMBER: OUR government, was in on it. Fauci, Gates and the Economic Forum.

It was a very brave moment, and one that should be recognized. It was one man making a statement for all of us. But everywhere— Crickets.

Surely someone SOMEWHERE…will say SOMETHING.

The only other time I was this effected by such an Olympic performance was Nadia Comaneci.

Japan’s skaters kept falling, but I guess the ‘effort’ was given big points. All the metal winners fell.

Jason Brown, did not.

‘ROCKET MAN” was…well, he was okay. But Jason gave us a work of art. His coaches knew it. I knew it, and I wonder how many other people in the world knew it? He made NO mistakes.

People are human. To take emotions out of art, makes it impressive, but to me, boring.

While the media is trying to TELL you that the Olympics is all about “countries”…NO. It’s about the individuals’ athletics IN those countries that have trained all their lives for perfection.

In America, not only do the kids sacrifice their lives in hours of hard work to get to the Olympics, but the parents sacrifice sometimes everything to help them. Day, after day, after day, after day.

Until the people can take BACK their power, I’m not going to miss one memory of beauty and amazement, and celebration of the glory of the individual man or woman who worked so hard to show the world, their dreams. OMG, the things they do makes you proud to be human and inspires us all.

There are times to fight tyranny. But to NOT watch the Olympics because the world is so cruel right now, and you think that you can change it by not watching? The world will always have cruelty in it.

Always. And because of that we should savor every little miracle that we can.

I’ll save MY boycott for buying the Chinese goods. Or Coke. Or giving money to our corrupt politicians.

Or corrupt organizations.

I refuse to boycott some young boy or girl whose dreams it was to go to the Olympics. If the world stops supporting those dreams, what will we have left?

But then again, that’s just my Nobody Opinion. Which I’m sure, Nobody Cares. (LOL)

(Sorry, for the rant.)

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