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Nobody Flashes: The BEST Groomsmen Dance EVER!!!

Nobody Flashes

My brother had his own D.J. Service for half of his life. Sadly, Covid put an end to all weddings, and a lot of D.J.s and working local musicians out of business. Not to mention what it did to the caterers and hotels that hosted the weddings.

It pretty much destroyed “Local” wedding business. Which is a shame, because having “FUN” was erased from everyone. This looked pretty much like the fun my brother made everyone have at every one of his jobs.

This wasn’t his, BUT I laugh every time I see it.

Let’s not let the elites take this away from us. The joy of a wedding day.

The joy of family and friends getting together. If they can do it, then so can we.

As Ron DeSantis told Fauci in his new commercial: “Pound Sand.”

This guy REALLY must love this woman. That took a LOT of practice. They are going to have a GREAT life together, don’t you think?

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