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Truedope Sends in Snipers…

Nobody Flashes

Castro’s son, Trudeau, showed the world just how TOUGH he was. He more than once threatened the great Canadians who wanted their freedom from his tyranny.

What OTHER country does that? (Too many I’m afraid.)

The rest of the world was inspired by the great Canadian Truckers. TRUEDOPE threatened, ( I love that name for Trudeau) jobs, and sent in the troops, and snipers. He cut off their food, fuel, and logs to warm themselves, but showed the world what a huge bully he is.

While Macron lectures Putin about bullying, at least he’s not bullying his own people with tear gas. Australia is putting on a great show, and last but not least, a Chinese woman moves to Canada because of Tiananmen Square…and cries when she realized tyranny is everywhere.

(See tweets below)

Those police should be ashamed. I bet their glad we can’t see their faces.

Here in America, word is Biden MUST start a war with Russia, so that the elites can stay in power, and Hillary doesn’t go to jail.

In the meantime, resistance has gone…GLOBAL.

While John Lennon’s song “Imagine” has been highjacked by the global elites, I wonder if they will mention the movie he stared in: “What If they Gave a War and Nobody Came?”

Funny, I bet if John were still alive he might have something to say about the left’s interpretation of it.

And while they are making the BIGGEST deal out of WOKE Super Bowl, I think the half time program alone should discourage many. A bunch of talentless rappers?

They’d have been better off with Stevie Wonder.

At least, a lot of people will get together and have a great time, which is NEVER bad, and don’t you wonder why they are “letting” everyone have a good time?

According to some, “It’s to infect MORE people.” Me?

I hope, ...Let’s Go BRANDON gets going at the Super Bowl, and they DON’T cut it out.

In the meantime,… God Bess ALL the people standing up against tyranny.

As Rand Paul said: They can’t arrest us all.

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