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Nobody Remembers: The Inflation of 1731


The whole world now is on the precipice of either destruction, or enlightenment. Or so it seems. Superbowl Sunday and the Olympics being a welcome distraction today. Like the fall of Rome, the games get more and more exciting and are used as propaganda to bring in a whole new world.

Is there a moment in time where this happened before? WWI? WWII? And are the elites TRYING to use the lessons from history as a blueprint for their own success?

You BET they are.

We all know the FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE, but do most Americans know that once before in history, the very same conditions for collapse were being sown in America by inflation?

 Many people know about the American founders and their creation of a “new nation.” But what OUR history books don’t tell us is just how far back the people in America were suffering, and what started so many being upset at the British.

It started long before 1776, it started in 1730. And the cause was the same as today: Inflation.

Little is known that it was Deacon Adams (Father of Sam) that help kickstart the rebellion. There is a reason for that. The less a people know about what REALLY happened in history, the better for the rulers.

Remember, the Brits were in charge of America in 1730.  But the towns could elect their own people to represent them in the General Court. Deacon Adams became constable, assessor, selectman, and one of the Boston representatives at the General Court. (The General Court being now as Pelosi, Biden, Schumer) He drew up Boston’s declarations of grievances against the British government, wrote the town’s instructions to their representatives, and denounced British impressment of New England seamen as “breaches of Magna Charta, the Charter of this Province and an Act of Parliament.” In other words, he represented, the “truckers” of Boston. His house was where the workers gathered.

Back then, there was, much like today, a struggle between the aristocrats and the common people. (Does this EVER END?)

In 1740, Boston went into an economic depression. History in our schools, leave this out.

Here it’s explained from the book: SAM ADAMS, by John C. Miller, Stanford University Press,

With some comments from the old peanut Bunker Hill gallery.


HISTORY: Before the 1776 revolution:

Throughout the greater part of the century, the lack of a stable currency embittered Massachusetts politics and divided parties own class lines: Debtors against creditors, and inflationist against the “sound money” mercantile aristocracy. As commerce began to decline and farmers and town artisans found themselves in a ‘pretty Pickle’ because of the currency shortage, hostility mounted everywhere in the colony against the wealthy Boston merchants who, by paying their debts in England with colonial silver, made the scarcity more acute at home. The common people denounced them as “griping and merciless usurers” who “Heaped up vast Estates” and made themselves “lords of Manors” by profiteering at the small farmers expenses. It was widely believed that they would “swallow up thousands of Families” and strip half the farmers in the province of their property: If they continued to dominate Massachusetts.

NOBODY: Yes, the top elites of the world are swallowing up every piece of land and wanting to swallow up the world with a one world currency and government. Little farms, small businesses, going down a dark hole of global greed.

HISTORY: In 1740, it was clear that a popular upheaval was imminent in the colony. The crisis led to the resurrection of an old scheme knows as the “Land Bank” which promised hard pressed farmers and town mechanics a utopia of paper money backed by real estate. The promoters of the Land Bank were frankly inflationists who proposed to bring back prosperity by flooding the country with paper bills an, and the same to “Humble the Merchants,” by taking control of currency out of their hands. With these rosy promises attracting thousands of distressed yeomen and mechanics, the Land Bank reached portentous dimensions. In the House of Representatives, the Land Bankers piled up a large majority and threated to take possession of the Council, leaving only the royal governor as a brake upon the People’s fury against the merchants.

Deacon Adams accepted the “Land Bank” money at his shop at first.  He later stopped accepting the money.

NOBODY: Better known now as the Build Back Better Program. BANKERS RULE and Biden gives money out all over the world, which with it brings inflation.

HISTORY 1740: Outside the General Court, yokels and town laborers screwed up the politician’s courage by declaring that free born New Englanders could do as they please since there were “Pretty much out of the reach of the government at home.”

NOBODY: Oh-oh. Bring out the tear gas.

Now we see riots in every country, every city, and people crying for their FREEDOM, wanting their own governments to follow the laws. Now though, the governments control pretty much everything due to controlling the internet and just about everything, so it’s HARD to get out of reach. Don’t tell me they haven’t thought about this. You KNOW they have. I read a book over twenty years ago on how to control huge crowds of people and the wonderful advances they had to do so. (Water, gas, sound waves.) Yes, they are ready…to control…and eliminate when possible.

HISTORY 1740: Two distinct social classes were arrayed against each other by inflationist sentiment that has swept over the colony, A small aristocracy stood at bay against a large majority of the common people: and the aristocracy appealed to the King and Parliament for protection against colonial radicalism.

NOBODY: It’s seeming to be the poor of the world, against the really rich at Davos. They are causing inflation on purpose in order to CRASH the monetary system of all nations. And yes, many of the elites are crying for the Presidents and leaders of countries to CRUSH the ‘radical insurrectionists’ rising up against them. Macron…Trudeau, and many in our own Congress.

They have been using the vaccine mandates, but it’s about to get to gas, bullets and sheer force.

HISTORY 1740: To beat the Land Bank, Governor Belcher struck quickly and hard. The leading conspirators were rounded up and jailed.  Although the people did not openly revolt, they gave the Land Bankers such an overwhelming victory at the polls that when the new House of Representatives met, Deacon Adams and other prominent member of the popular party were elected to the Council and were prevented from entering that aristocratic stronghold only by the governor’s veto.

NOBODY: Yes, yes, Trump won. Hey, you think you can just Walz in here? Think again!

VP Pence (Like Governor Belcher) prevented President Trump from entering the White House. ONE MAN…was ready. And hundreds of people at the January 6 rally for just getting the votes counted again, were jailed. AND tortured. They are still there. History repeats itself.

Somehow, Hillary still got crowned.

HISTORY 1740: Belcher pleaded to Parliament and Parliament outlawed the Land Bank by extending the Bubble Act in the colonies. Parliament struck down the popular party in Massachusetts with so little regard to justice that for a generation the memory ranked in the colony. The Bubble Act of 1720 had never applied to the colonies and certainly had nothing to do with the Massachusetts Land Bank, which was not a joint stock company, Yet Parliament declared in 1741 that the Bubble Act had been in force in the colonies from the beginning, thus making the Land Bank illegal ab inititio. When Deacon Adams and his fellow directors established the bank, they had no reason to suppose they were acting unlawfully, for as late as 1734 a New Hampshire Land Bank had been approved by the Board of Trade.

Parliament declared the Adams criminals. All the directors were made personally responsible, and the Adams had to pay for their actions for over twenty years. THIS sowed the seed of Sam Adams –

“Are we bound to observe the mandates of kings, unless they themselves keep their agreements with their subject?” Asked Sam. (And we still here this cry today. Rules for Congress, NOT for us.)

And so it began…the War of Independence, and it was brewing for decades much the same way the world’s people are starting to gather in defiance now. Two years of death and destruction with rulers who have deprived their people of their God-Given right that their ancestors fought to preserve?

Yes, the BUBBLE is about to burst.

And it all starts with control. And controlling the money. They HAVE to take ours away.

History is repeating itself. And that’s why, they do NOT teach it anymore.

They just rewrite it.

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