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AARP Explains Social Security to Nobody

Nobody’s Opinion

I must say, I got a kick out of AARP magazine which PRIDES itself on being the benevolent protector of Senior Citizens, and this week, it was giving everybody the lowdown on the future of Social Security. The good news was they have developed a dementia drug that reduces the amyloid beta plaques in the brain and would help with Alzheimer’s disease, called Aduhelm. The bad new? Medicare is not going to cover it. It is only $28,000 a year. Clearly, that illegal pregnant women is going to need money. And a cell phone, and free meals for her kids, and ….you’re just going to get more brain fog from the vaccine the older you get. Sorry about that. We have global warming to worry about.

Just another expense put on your table, right? “NO MR. BOND! I EXPECT YOU TO DIE!”

But let us forget about that. AARP is tired of everyone saying that Congress has raided the Social Security payments and THAT’s why there is only a decade left of the money.

I’m confused.

Read along with me:


Congress cannot raid the Social Security trust fund. No one, not the White House or Congress—can take cash from the program. (Okay.)

When Social Security receives money (via taxes and interest) what isn’t paid out in benefits goes into the Social Security trust funds. (So, SS is a TAX? I thought it was an investment made by the worker for his retirement. So, the government is making money off the SS they receive NOT the worker. Right?)

That surplus is invested in standard Treasury bonds and flows into the U.S. Treasury’s general fund as loans that help pay for ongoing government programs and expenses. (Wait, What? Who runs the Treasury? A Biden cabinet member? Isn’t that part of our government? And by the way, just because CONGRESS can’t touch it, SOMEBODY in the government is touching it if they are using it to pay for ONGOING GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS AND EXPENSES, right? Social Security, like the Patent Office, is a big piggy bank for everybody. Bernie Maddoff would be proud.

 But the Bonds pay annual interest and must be repaid on demand. The trust ‘s reserve for retirees grew to $2.8 trillion the by end of 2020. (What’s our national debt now? Over 30 trillion?)

AARP goes on:

Annual benefits hikes don’t always match inflation. (DUH, most people got $32, enough for half a tank of gas. Add to that to the hike in Medicare premiums, which will claim 22 percent of the SS in 2022.)

You can collect benefits and keep working. (Right, we know you can’t live on SS. So, we, your generous government, give you permission to work, but IF you make more than $19,560, you WILL be fined by us because, basically, this is not YOUR money, or YOUR country, but ours and we want you to stay poor. Grandma will have to work at Walgreens until she dies if she wants to eat.)

Your benefits can be taxed. (And why is that? With the destruction of the dollar that the government has caused, and the trillions they’ve given away, you should at least have tax free money. But no. For instance, if your spouse makes a mere $44,000, your social security is taxed at 80%. Wow.  Nancy’s jet planes need to keep flying, even AFTER she dies.)


Okay, that’s just a few of the wonderful thing’s AARP had to say about trying to inform the old geezers that…

CLOSE YOUR EYES…grow your food…wait, you hungry? Sick? No money to buy medicine? (Not our problem)

Will they reform Social Security?

No, it’s broke now. What kills me is how AARP is always saying they are doing an excellent job protecting the elderly and fighting for them.

To me it’s more: Can’t say we didn’t warn ya! But remember, Congress is NOT taking your Social Security money. It’s been given to Hunter Biden whose keeping it safe.

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