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Nobody Wonders…

This morning I was putting on my makeup and was listening to the Brian Kilmeade show. Everyday, most of the media have two subjects: Donald Trump did NOT win the last election and Ukraine needs more money. This morning it was Trump did NOT win that election. Period.

I TRY not to turn the channel. But then I go to my computer, and the Microsoft and Yahoo page is usually FILLED to the top with hatred of Donald Trump. You don’t have to ever read the articles; the titles tell you everything they want you to know: For instance…today:’


Poll: Biden now leads Trump by widest margin in 6 months


Andrew Romano – 6h ago

Yahoo news

Nobody: If you believe that I have an electric car that will go 500 miles without having to charge it, then Biden will win. Really? Now, they just outright lie.


What The FBI Found at Mar-A-Lago Might Have Trump in More Trouble Than Ever

The List


Specifically, the news outlet reports that one document described a foreign country’s military capabilities, including its nuclear weapons capabilities. The document in question is just one of over three hundred documents that the FBI has obtained from Trump’s Florida home and private club this year. 


Nobody: Wow. So, a President knows what countries of the world hold nuclear weapons capabilities. Something that most every top General in the Pentagon, and Defense secretaries, etc., also know. I am sure Obama also knows, and Bill, and WAIT!!…somebody might get this information and leak it to the media! How could Tump do this? That somebody will probably be the FBI! TRUMP how COULD YOU?

Donald was keeping that in a safe place for a good reason. No matter. He’s the President. This is put out to distract everyone from what the FBI DID take illegally from him. And the title is just another “Russia/Pee/phone call hoax.


Eric Trump touts country’s patriotism after crowd turnout at Pennsylvania rally dwarfs Biden’s

Fox News Staff – Yesterday 10:37 PM


Nobody: Fox is actually admitting Trump’s rally was bigger than Biden’s? That’s a new one.


Former Secretary of Defense walks through what would happen to him if he took the documents Trump did

“I can’t recall any other example in my experience in politics, to be sure, where we ever had a president take that kind of information into his personal possession and not have it strictly guarded by official agencies,” said Cohen. “It is just unprecedented. 


Nobody: Well, we DO know that Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Obama still have plenty of ‘documents.” So, Presidents can do that. Nothing in the Constitution says they can’t, and it was their job to protect us all, from enemies “Foreign and Domestic.” That is what Trump was doing. Presidents have that right. But Cohen does not, and neither did Hillary Clinton.


Trump adviser Steve Bannon indicted, expected to surrender at Manhattan DA’s office

The feds said the men spent money they stole from supporters of Trump’s signature immigration policy on cosmetic surgery, golf carts and credit card debt.


Nobody: Can we talk about all the deals made by Joe and Hunter in China? Or Nancy Pelosi’s big stock market insider trading deals?

No, it’s just take out all Trump’s general, one by one.


Trump Is Caught in a Double Bind

The Atlantic

But despite his noted laziness, he sure is trying. Last week, he used his Truth Social site to share (or “ReTruth,” in the platform’s tortured jargon) a series of messages promoting the QAnon-conspiracy universe. A day later, he told a conservative Pennsylvania radio host that if he was reelected president, he would “very, very seriously” consider pardoning people convicted for their roles in the January 6 insurrection, and said that he was financially assisting some defendants. (Don’t take it to the bank.) Then this past weekend, he hosted a rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, where—among other lowlights—he attacked the current president as an “enemy of the state” while praising the autocrats Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin.


Nobody: Right, Trump has noted many times how smart Xi and Putin are compared to our leaders, and he’s right. Not to mention, he’s right to pardon those poor people. This guy is sooooo…I have no words.


Hillary Clinton says she won’t run for president again, urges GOP to ‘grow a backbone’ regarding Donald Trump

UPI news

“It should start in the Republican Party,” she added. “Grow a backbone. Stand up to this guy … And heaven forbid if he gets the nomination, he needs to be defeatedly roundly and sent back to Mar-a-Lago.”


Nobody: The GOP should have grown a backbone and put Hillary in jail YEARS ago, for selling our plutonium to Russia. Because they have none, we still have to listen to the old witch.

Keep digging that hole Hillary, sooner or later you are going to fall in it.
Yes, and so, the news of the day has been, relentlessly against Donald Trump. Endless hated. Endless headlines. Endless lies.

Nobody thinks, Most of the headlines should end up in the San Fransico Bay with the rest of the ‘sewer.’ Reading the daily Yahoo and Microsoft News headlines is enough to give one a headache for the rest of the day.

Nobody Wonders, who actually believes them?

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