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R.I.P…to the Beloved Queen Elizabeth

I don’t think ANY American president loved the Queen more than President Donald J. Trump. And I think, she liked him as well. This is one of my favorite video’s of the two. You can tell how dear all the memories of those artifacts are to her, and how graciously Trump listened to her every word, in respect for her leadership. To most of us watching, it was like watching our grandmother talk about her memories of the family album.

I’m not sure I’m ready for King Charles—will England love him as much as they loved their Queen? He will rule very much the opposite of his mother. And thankfully, she KEPT her power until her death. She did not let him rule her, as far as we know.

Nobody Knows how Charles will reign. But, he’s already shown us he is a globalist, and Donald Trump is against globalism. King Charles will do everything in his power to make sure President Trump does not get reelected. Unlike his mother, he will go full wacko on the matter.

The mother was loved because she stayed out of it all.

Queen Elizabeth lived a good full life, and held her office with grace and dignity.

Much condolances to all the Englishmen and women who loved her.

And special love out to amfortas…today. May his memories give him confort. She sure could wear a hat!

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  1. The British Empire was not perfect, but it was far more humane than any other ever. It’s gone now, barely even remembered. Queen Elizabeth II was the last living link to a truly Great Britain.

    When the U.S. government withdrew from Afghanistan after 20 years, we left behind airstrips, shipping containers and guns. When the British pulled out of India, they left behind an entire civilization, a language, a legal system, schools, churches and public buildings, all of which are still in use today.

    The British did give the world the Magna Carta and habeas corpus and free speech. They helped end the transatlantic slave trade, as well as the ritual murder of widows in India. The British Empire spread Protestant Christianity to the entire world. It published some of the greatest literature ever written and produced the finest manufactured goods ever made anywhere at any time, including now. — Tucker Carlson

    Nigel Farage: “I am profoundly sad” — “Her reign was 30% of the time the US has existed — it gives you some idea of sheer historical span of what she’s done, never a single scandal…”


    Comment by Amfortas | September 10, 2022 | Reply

  2. Thank you. God Bless and take Elizabeth into His welcoming Heavenly Home. God stiffen and guide King Chuck the 3rd, hopefully a lot better than Henry the 8th.


    Comment by Amfortas | September 10, 2022 | Reply

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