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Nobody Remembers…B.B.- B.C.? Before Biden

Nobody Remembers before Clinton.

It’s taken a very long time for the elites to destroy America. It started with Bill Clinton. But I have noticed just in the last few months, the great changes…MORE busineses, restaruants, going bust. Americans are being lulled into a false, “Just wait until Ron DeSantis” becomes President and the conservatives take over…things will come back!” Right. Sure.

Can I sell you a dog house in Ukraine?

All over my neighborhood, fast food places, restarants, stores, all going dark. THIS is coming back? We ARE at war, and our own President is attacking us.

Apartments are being built everywhere. They are getting ready for the great invasions.

And FOX, is playing the world cup, for the first time in American history, all afternoon.

AMERICA…is it any wonder Elon wants us to go to Mars?

Well, here’s one man who has predicted everything in the past. Listen, or not. Or…go watch the soccer games on TV.

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