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Will Trump Go On After the Whole World Attacks Him?

Nobody Wonders.

Has there ever been a time in American history where one man was vilified as much as President Trump? As soon as he came down the elevator, Obama, Pelosi, and hundreds of others were claiming “Donald Trump, will NEVER be President.”

But, in 2016, Roger Ailes was still at FOX. And Trump was on Twitter. And every speech he made was broadcasted on TV. And he was known as a good guy to America. He was a builder. Sure, he had trouble staying married, but compared to Bill Clinton, he was an angel. At least he married his flings.

The media was making a fortune off that race…and Hillary, was told, she would win.

The American people voted, and…she lost. Oh for the good old days when voting was assured.

The democrats who told us Trump would NEVER win, were wrong. He was popular to the people because we were tired of wars, of lies, of career politicians. Why not try a businessman who had enough money to know what all those rich politicians were like? Americans admire Trump BECAUSE he had worked his way up the latter and made himself rich, in New York. He was one of us.

Once he got in office, the attacks on the man never stopped, even though he gave just about all the politicians a job, no matter how unfaithful to him they would turn out to be.

And after 4 years of impeachments, lies, scandals, and the final blow, a coup d tat…you would THINK they would stop.

No, the news headlines have gotten worse. I am SO sick of opening Edge and reading the most horrific news titles about Trump…sick of it. Lies. Lies, and more lies and disgusting accusations, every single frigging day. It’s criminal.

Okay, I know the old “tell a lie enough and it becomes the truth” but come on. REALLY? They just sued him for past tax evasion, after the FBI raid on his home you would think they couldn’t get much worse. They want to arrest him.

Now they are saying he is demanding they change the Constitution and make him President, because we all know, he won. Even Biden’s daughter admits…they KNEW he won. And the Constitution has no remedy for that except the founders gave US the right to get rid of that government when it became tyrannical.

We have the right to overthrow them according to our founders. That’s why the 2nd amendment was put in place. But Biden warned us…”Hey, we have fighter jets!” Ha ha ha…

Yes, your president WILL kill you.

The RINOS had two years to FIX the machines before the mid-term and they did nothing.

Why, because they really don’t want you to vote…it’s all rigged. There are very few honest men in Congress. VERY few. They are…outnumbererd.

There is no doubt in my mind, that Trump is a good man. I don’t think he really knew the evil in the world would be so insidious and dangerous.

After Ivana ‘fell down the stairs’ Trump looked beaten. He’s trying to recover, but really, it’s a big mountain to overcome now. Fox helped get rid of him once Paul Ryan got on board. And Pence was put in to take over…an almost sickening replacement, but another Bushie.

The people tried to rally for him on January 5, as was our right…but Pelosi used it as a false flag to put a noose around anyone in the country who DARED question the power of those in charge.

The fact that so many innocent people are being tortured in jail, without a trial…shows you, the country is lost.

What Congressmen, besides a few, are trying to get those poor people released?

Pelosi SHOULD be arrested for her crimes. So should almost all of them. They ARE above the law.

And yes, we feel powerless, because right now, we are.

In other countries, people are rising up. This time, the American people are tamed. Controlled. Pitted against each other.

Why is DeSantis becoming more popular? Because he speaks strongly now.

Trump, has been neurtered to a sad and lonely degree.

He’s up against REAL Nazi’s. And as each day goes by, he must feel more and more alone.

Imagine if you will, Trump had pulled off a “I won, and I certify my election.”?

We just saw a democrat, who lost in Arizona do that.

If only….if only…If only. If only Trump had stayed in the White House and fought.

That’s a dream many of us wish we could go back in time and see.

Will he get the opportunity to even run again?

And will they say he LOST again?

Are we that far gone?

I’m too tired to think about it right now, and as Scarlett O’Hara once said…

“I won’t think about it today, tomorrow is another day!”

I’m so glad I don’t live in that mansion with all those stairs.

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