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I was standing in line today, at a store that sells mostly stuff from China, like the metal parrot you can put on your wall, or a horrible picture of some flower you see in someone’s bathroom…and there was only one checker. About 30 people were waiting to buy stuff. There was an old black woman behind me and I picked up some little statue of a autumn Peter Pan figure on sale for $10.00 and said to her: “This is why we will never go to war with China.”

EVERYHING in that place was made in China. And boy are they pushing Christmas this year. China needs the money. Everybody in my neighborhood is going Christmas decorating crazy…as if they think this will be the last time they can.

And speaking of China…

Here, Steve Hilton tells the story of Apple in China. China owns Tim Cook. And he really doesn’t care about people at all. And this Nobody Wonders: Why did Steve Jobs leave the company to him to run?

Good question. One that Steve doesn’t ask, but he covers just about everything else. And on one more note; In CASE you have not noticed, Chinese people are in just about every commerical and movie and sit com on our American TV. China OWNS our companies. So, the big question is: Do the companies own our politicians, or is it the other way around?

What say you?

Steve is at his best here: Enjoy.

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