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Every month I get a very anticipated publication from Hillsdale College. And this month was a piece by Larry P. Ann, the President of Hillsdale College, titled EDUCATION AS A BATTLEGROUND.

He is clearly alarmed about the education of our young, and the path it is going.

I’ve been thinking about this…just how much ARE we influenced by our early years of life? We have been told over and over that no matter WHAT kind of hardship you come from, you can overcome it. Your early life really doesn’t matter much. But I am finding out in the last decade of my life, that it’s the early life that forms the basis for what you WILL become. The first memories of a child are preserved with such emotional imprinting that the rest of your life can be floating in those first few years of a child discovering his or her little universe. And one day you wake up and go…Oh…so that’s why I’m this way.

Many people who adopt babies from Russia have trouble with the children, they don’t bond. They are put in nurseries and almost never held. Hillary Clinton loves this sort of stuff. In her book “It Takes a Village” she loved how in France, the ‘nurses’ would take care of the children even right after birth.

There have been many studies with Monkeys. Leave a baby alone without it’s mother, and you can have future problems. The elites have known this “get them young” for many years.

I used to date Lee Salk, who was a famous child psychologist…Jonas Salk’s younger brother. And he had many theories about how the child EVEN IN THE WOMB is affected and is learning, and how the first 4 years of a child’s life were the most important because all the wiring was being done at that time.

I agree. And that’s why religion is so important.

I was thinking about just how many Catholics I know, and how they cling to the Catholic religion as if it is their only salvation and love it like their own mother. Even though their Pope is a communist, they just ignore it. It’s as if he’s as distance as the moon and means very little to them. By the very lessons of the Bible they should be casting the same stone that Jesus cast at the temple at that Pope, but… they’ll just wait for the next one.  I have wondered how they can relate…and I found out that MOST of them had parents who took them to the Catholic church as a child. The church’s dogma stayed with them until the end of their lives.

The young mind was formed…as if written in stone.

That’s why they can commit so many sins…they are FORGIVEN on Sunday, in the Catholic church. It’s why the Pope can dine with Nancy Pelosi.  God loves them forever.

It’s the same with Islam. The children are brought up to think that NO religion is good but theirs. THEY are superior. And sorry, but the Jews were told THEY are the chosen people.

Who does God love the most? Let’s toss a coin. Islam is close to Satanism, but I hear that’s making a comeback.

It doesn’t matter to me one hilt, what matters is how this effects the children.

Our kids are being abused in all our schools now. In most religions, there is morality. Get rid of that, and it’s a free for all. You can be a girl, a boy, teach sex to 3-year-olds, have sex with 5-year-old, and what happens to all those children who never even give ‘sex’ a thought until puberty?

They are warped for life. It’s WORSE than rape. It’s a brainwashing that they will carry in their souls, damaged, despair, heartache…They are not only wanting to rape the children, but they are also raping the future of the planet.

Having gay sex parties in our libraries is being tolerated. Porn is all over the internet. It’s all over our TV’s. Teachers are being told parents are like roaches. And this communist takeover didn’t just start, it’s been happening for over 40 years. Go Back to my blog on December the 6 and listen to Yuri Bezmenov explain HOW the communist took over America.

They got the educational system. And boy have they got it.

EVERY child need love, kindness, and years of support. If they are abused while their skulls haven’t even formed over their brains, it leaves a deep and lasting scar.

Before my own mother died, at least the last 7 years before, she talked a lot about her happy childhood with her grandfather on his farm. He helped her learn how to work at 3 years old. He let her ride the big horses. She relived those days of her childhood until she died. I often wondered why.

And that is why, Hillary Clinton’s “It takes a village” was written. We are at a dangerous time in human history, not just because they want to kill off as many as possible, but the future humanity that is left will be completely brainwashed into servants and slaves, and as they proudly claim, “You will own NOTHING and be happy.”

Remember…Hillary crying to her mother that she would become President? What happened to Hillary when she was young to even make her MAKE that video?

Nobody Wonders.

Yes, even in the last decades of my own life, I am just discovering just how much my youngest days in life influenced me. It has been one of the hardest things in my life to face the fact that mistakes made by parents, teachers, others, events, formed my very self and how I looked at life.

Elon Musk has talked about his. His horrible childhood. Be rest assured, it formed who he is now.

And every time I see Jordon Peterson crying, I wonder…just what happened to HIM in childhood? He suffered from deep depression, and being the extraordinary giant of a brain, I do wonder…does he even know what caused that deep hole?

Because the wonderful thing about the brain is that it represses all bad things to survive.

But what is going on now, is whole generations of humans are being mentally abused. Children are innocent, and delicate as the new leaf growing in the spring.

So, as you can see by this chart, taken from the Hillsdale’s piece, the government is paying more employees than teachers to just sit on their butts and do nothing all day but dream up how to control and basically brainwash the kids. (NOTE: Once again, the chart would not print..what it showed is that from 2000-2019 students had grown 7.6%, Teachers 8.7%, District Administrators?

87.6%…let that sink in.

The answer is “Teach your children well.” Because the government is trying to mold them against you.

Parents should fight to make SURE that what they are learning on their phones, on TV, and at school is NOT real life. And if the mother CAN stay home for the first 4 years of the child’s life? That’s the best.

Better yet, take Lee Salks’ advice and start talking to them in your womb. Or better yet. Sing them Christmas Carols.

I’m sure, Jesus would love it.

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  1. “”That’s why they can commit so many sins…they are FORGIVEN on Sunday, in the Catholic church. It’s why the Pope can dine with Nancy Pelosi. God loves them forever.””

    Oh dear. As FB Fact-checkers would say …. Partly incorrect. We ‘can’ all commit sin and by the Lord Harry we do. But ‘can’ is not a permit. Like ‘might’ is not ‘may’. Nor is ‘Sunday’ enough for forgiveness. Catholics have Confession, a Sacrament, for forgiveness and that is any day of the week. I do hope the Pope goes to confession and washes his hands after shaking Nancy’s.

    And Yes, we can safely ignore the Pope when he mouths off, just as a soldier can ignore the witterings of General Milley. We, and the soldier, have a job to do, defending and protecting our Souls and doing the very best that we can of our DUTY to project the Power of Christ’s Truth.

    God Bless you my dear.


    Comment by Amfortas | December 9, 2022 | Reply

    • Yes, God Bless us all. And to the point of MY main theory, childhood is more important than our society lets us know, and it is being destroyed by the state, which is what communists do to control the masses.  And communism is now taking over the churches. They are becoming WOKE. At least all the Catholic churches around here.  But…let’s not worry about that. I don’t worry about church. I left man’s ‘churches’ long ago. God is everywhere to me. And I’ve found ‘religious’ people’s hypocracy and intolerance more than I can bear. I resent anybody who judges me by the fact that THEY go to church and I don’t.  Therefore, to THEM, I’m going to hell. My poor soul is damned.  Elon Musk says he’s going to hell too. I’m sure we’ll have plenty to talk about.  But then again, it’s all the same old historical truth that we all rationalize all evil, in order to deal with our daily lives. Some men want to fight evil, and some men don’t.  It’s been that way forever hasn’t it?  May our souls survive.  what’s coming. Hope your ‘summer’ is a good one!


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | December 9, 2022 | Reply

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