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And…the Deep State Is Coming for Us all

While they like to give us hope, clearly, even Tucker is saying that Kevin McCarthy will turn out to realized his mistakes?

Are you kidding me? This is the “boot on the throat” moment Orwell warned us all about. Since when do ANY of them change?

I was listening to Mark Levin today, on a rampage, telling us all it’s O’Connell that is the REAL enemy, not McCarthy, with very weak arguments even for a lawyer who worked for Reagan. I was so angry with him, that I turned him off.

He’s lost my support. I’m not watching him anymore. I kept thinking…so it’s comes down to money for you too Levin?

I remember Levin. He would call in every single day to Sean Hannity’s radio program, and get time. WHY Hannity let him take over his radio program I could not figure out. I now suspect he was ordered to.

Do any of us believe that if the same GOP is kept in place that things will change?

Will Trump protect us?

No. He cannot. He was a great President, but the Deep State beat him. With his support of RINOS…he gives us all up. He will be even more powerless if he becomes President.

The excuses they are all giving “We will fire the IRS…WE Will take care of Biden…yada yada.” How? What GREAT victory was won in the midterms? What?

Jim Jordan? Doesn’t want the job? Okay. Even the patriots will give in to tyranny. NOBODY in Congress will lose that job over this.

No, we are tired of all the wealthy rich NOT stopping criminals, NOT prosecuting, NOT releasing those poor people being held in jail, and NOT caring about any of us.

Well, at least I am.

Bill Gates is now changing the genetics of cows and pigs.

I watched the Lastest Jurassic Park again tonight.

If you haven’t seen it, be sure and watch it. Even Spielburg is telling us all what’s going on.

At this writing, Republican Establishment darling Kevin McCarthy has failed an 11th vote for Speakership. And to hear the reaction from both sides of the D.C. Swamp, one might think America has never faced a greater crisis in its entire history. Despite the fact that only in the past few weeks, a budget bill with the potential to collapse our economy was passed, and the Arizona governorship was stolen in an abominable, thoroughly corrupt joke of an “election,” the only thing major “Republican” players are wailing about is preserving McConnell as Senate Minority “leader,” garnering the speakership for his dutiful wingman McCarthy, and keeping Ronna McDaniel as RNC chair.

This was a paragraph from this great piece…and it’s an opinion that many, including myself, share:

Don’t miss it. The truth might be hard to find in a few months.

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