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Scam No. 1: They Establish Camaraderie

Nobody’s Opinion

The Art of Deceit: They Establish Camaraderie

There it was: The perfect title that I felt had explained the actual emotion I was feeling after watching the “HOUSE” fight and vote Kevin McCarthy into the Speakership after midnight, on Friday, January the 6th.

Not only was I SHOCKED that this article in AARP had actually given the 7 tactics to “you and your sense of reason”, I was shocked that AARP, a magazine so woke you can SMELL the GREAT RESET coming off the ink: I was also shocked to realize just how, if we followed these 7 tactics, we can see how manipulated we are from BOTH parties.

Today, Trump, Pence, McConnell, came out to congratulate Kevin, because let’s face it, THEY put him in the speaker’s seat. And to make it all fit together, all the news outlets came out with what a VICTORY it was for Gaetz! Why, all the things that he got Kevin to promise to! WOW! GREAT! We are saved from Pelosi!

Okay. Believe that and I’ll send you a birthday cake.

What’s that famous Dylan line in his song Masters of War? “And I’ll stand over your gave until I’m SURE that you’re dead.” That’s pretty much how I feel about her.

I thought these 7 tactics were so right on, I’m going to post this week, one by one, the 7 tactics and show just how much WE have been scammed by Washington…I’ll stick to the recent headlines, but I’m sure you, like me, can take them to historical records. And then, I suggest, like me, you can say to yourself, “WHAT AN IDIOT I AM.”

Let’s start with the FIRST SCAM:


“So sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. You know, my wife passed away last year as well. It’s been hard.”

The trick: Scammers will parrot back the target’s religion, political affiliation, military background, or life situation to get the target to feel “he’s just like me,” Cialdini notes, “Then we tend to lower our defenses and are much more likely to follow their lead.”


Think of how many politicians do this. Biden’s son was killed in Afghanistan. (He wasn’t but there you go). How about how the GOP pundits make SURE they connect with you with supporting the military, or the fact that “THEY HAVE SERVED.” Beck will use his mother’s suicide, or his pain, or his past alcoholism.

McCain used this to the hilt. Trump was a master at it, he knew our pain: The border. The drugs. The attacks on police, military. Here was a man who almost knew HOW we felt. He had me hooked when I got a postcard from him, that DIDN’T ask for money.

Here was a man who cared about us.

Obama did the same thing. If you listened to McCarthy’s speech, he bought up his dad being a firefighter.

They all do this. “I was the son (daughter) of a (regular Joe) and now look at me! McCarthy even promoted Hakeem in his speech, saying that LOOK HOW FAR he came from his lowly position. (Now he’s a communist…what progress!)

In other words, they connect with what WE THE PEOPLE are suffering. We THINK they are just like us.

But they are not.

It’s a scam. 98 percent of the time.

When it came to the hearings, the 20 that were against the speaker, were JOINED with us in saying HEY, he never got anything done! Which was true. We KNOW how America is suffering! WE won’t stand for it!


We were rooting for them. At least, many of us were out here in our desolate cities.

So, Number One: BOTH parties do this. As Bill Clinton used to say, “I feel your pain.”

Uh…no you don’t.

Too many of us are so desparate to connect to others like us, we fall for this scam every time.

And this first scam took us right up until midnight on January 6th.

Will anything come of all the Speaker’s promises?

Biden has two more years. Good luck with that.

All our lives are in the power of a few selected leaders and they know it.

Yes…THEY know it.

The scam is: They want us to THINK we have a voice.

Tomorrow’s Scam:

They Play on your adversion to loss.

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