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Glenn Beck: Explains Global Takeover

Nobody’s Opinion.

Confession: I did not watch any news this weekend. Instead, we had a small party at the house, and I noticed that at least HALF of the guests spent more time on their cellphones than actaully playing pool, watching a movie, or just talking to other people. One guy, who is about 22, couldn’t get off TikToc. Another got a new Iphone for his 15th birthday and spent most of the time playing games with his ‘friends’.

It dawned on me how the cell phone itself is being weaponized. I couldn’t have had a serious convesation with anyone at that party. I stay off my cell phone unless I have to use it. To me, it’s a camera and a phone. Pretty cool. But spending HOURS on it?

Please. Stupid.

So, unless people wake up, and that includes the young, they might be in for a very BIG surprise, or…maybe not. I get the feeling, that most of the young are so attached to the video/phone connections that they might just someday PREFER to be in the virual world. Not to mention what it’s doing to our safety on our highways.

Of course, this left me pretty depressed and didn’t even try to write today.

Here’s a video by Glenn Beck that deserves a watch.

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