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The Battle for the Globe–China? Or Klaus?

Who Wins the Battle? Is the world at war?

Here’s my Nobody Opinion, but really Nobody Knows what’s happening and keeping us all ignorant is by design:

Up to this point in time, at Davos, all report that the GREAT RESET is still being implemented. According to the U.N. and the Davos agenda, all humanity will be controlled by a few elites. And they are happy to annouce to the world, that the ‘elite’ club is already formed, and will of course, get richer, eat more steak, fly in their jet airplanes to their private Islands, while the rest of the world dies, or stays in their homes with chips in their brains escapting to the Metaverse.

If their plans work out, the Metaverse will be the only play we will want to go.

The last technical reset of humanity does not include democracy or any kind of government by any people. We are not sure when this desire to control humanity started, whether with the Nazi’s, or the progressives, or the Marxist, or the communists, or the Kings of England, but they all have one aim: a world ruled by them. About 7,000 people.

Other people who are not in their ‘god group’ ARE…expendable. In fact, the fewer there on the planet, the better because they know they are vastly outnumbered.

They don’t care much about animals either despite their vast propaganda otherwise. Be sure and feed your birds.  

 Economies are being controlled: In the last decades we have seen, with the introduction of Credit Cards, the bankers were getting very rich. 2008, made them even richer. They can control the stock market, and the Federal Reserve is now, driving America into bankruptcy with interest rates.

The released bioweapon by China with the help of Fauci, to stop Trump, and give the few big global companies complete monopolies by wiping out the economy of most middle class businesse, worked extremely well.

It worked so well, they want to release another virus.

In order to rule the world, they had to get rid of cash. Banks offered MONEY to everyone who would put their groceries and gas on their Credit Cards. We have become a cashless society. That’s been by design. If we have no ‘cash’ then all transactions can be monitored. This has taken some time, but the next step, will be a horror. Everything done by phone and digital.

When was the last time you used a penny?

Now, you all know about this. Nothing new here.

BUT…how about China? If you were going to take over the world, America would be your biggest problem. First, take over the big cities, which they are doing—New York. Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami…destroying them from within. George Soros is helping out with this. He’s pretty much destroyed the city I live in, but to be fair, it started with LBJ.

Sun Tzu would be proud.

Weather wars are also a part of it. That’s the other part to convince the world to hand over whatever is left of their freedom, money, and lives.

Thousands of patents are hold by various people: Gates, China, etc. They want you to think this is due to the ‘fossil fuel’ crisis, but they are doing it to bring everyone to their knees. You heard about the 7 kids killed in the Ukraine War by Putin, but those hundreds killed by the Covid lockdowns, or freezing in the cold, or killed by tornadoes, or won’t hear much about them.

Yes, weather can be manipulated. And we ARE in a weather war. I’m just not sure whose running it.

Using weather to destroy America…don’t think that’s happening? Isn’t it strange that all the destruction is always to the farmlands and water? I just read that Ft. Meyers beach is now to be taken over by Jimmy Buffet’s company, which is in bed with the Clinton foundation.

Gee…how nice. Small town Ft. Meyers, with all the little shops…gone forever.

But, let’s get to the real war…China. China owns Biden.

Biden is owned by China and has been paid well.

Every single move he has made has benefitted China. Giving them Iraq– and now they own the minerals in those mountains. AND the airport. AND the weapons. Biden has dismantled and destroyed half our military, and now, since he can’t disarm Americans, he wants to make sure HIS army will have rapid fire guns, and the American citizens will not. If those deplorable and hated citizens give him trouble, he will have no problem hiring illegals to go round them up.

Every single country where the guns have been outlawed never survived the next step: dictatorship.

And let’s not forget our border. Biden is letting China send in drugs to destroy us.

Biden signs onto ‘Declaration of North America (DNA)’ with Canada and Mexico: Is the planned North American Union making a comeback?

Yes, Biden worked on the U.N. Great Reset this week with Canada and Mexico. America will welcome all, the three countries will merge as was President George W. Bush’s wish. America will be destroyed by the invasion.

We are being attacked from all sides. Just not by bullets. Not yet.

And then there’s the war in Ukraine. China wants the U.S. to take out Russia. Or Russia to take out Europe and the U.S. While that is happening, China will take over the East, not only Taiwan, but probably Japan too.

With Biden as President, America will just limp along.

China is playing Klaus like a violin, and Klaus is too egotistical to even notice. Why should he care? He out of his frigging mind.

But, if you don’t think China will win? Nobody Wonders…watch this video, and ask yourself—-everyone was talking about this man posed as a woman taking over the Miss Universe contest.

And NOBODY had the guts to point out: She’s Asian. Nobody dared. Why?

Because nobody would dare insult China.

The women with dicks will take over the world. And China will win.


China wants to take over the world without a shot from her, (Unless it’s her deadly vaccine) but she really doesn’t mind if the rest of us send our boys to war to destroy what’s left of any threat to China. And Congress is all to glad to send the rest of our men to die.

Russia VS America? VS England? VS Germany? Civil War in America?

Ask yourself…who benefits?

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