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What Harvey Weinstein DIDN’T Do Is The Question.

Nobody Remembers

Nothing takes a rich man down like a sexual scandal, Right?

We had Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Bill O’Reilly, Roger Allies, Newt Gingrich, various house speakers, Weiner boy, and too many Congressmen to even talk about who have lost their reputations and lots of payoff money to women who claim to have been harassed.

Yes, I hate to admit it, but it happens quite often. It’s happened to me: You walk into a room, it’s your boss, and pretty much it’s made known to you in ever so careful words that if you want the job, there IS a line he would ‘prefer’ you to cross…but he smiles and lets YOU decide.

Most girls, don’t take it. But, don’t you wonder, how many women in Hollywood did? Dolly Parton practically admitted it in her autobiography. Marilyn Monroe? Slept with just about everybody.

And that’s the news tonight, it’s all about a powerful man in Hollywood, who was basically a scum bag.

Now that Harvey Weinstein, not exactly a man any woman would consider sexy in any way, is on the front page of the Drudge Report, you have to ask yourself: What did he do to piss off Hillary Clinton?
He’s reportedly going to quit and campaign now against he NRA, so I guess the “Boss” gave him an ultimatum. You either give me the money, do what I say: or I will ruin you.

But I’m imagining things…sorry. The Clinton’s don’t have any power in Hollywood…uh…do they?

What’s really funny is that, lo and behold, that famous “I’m a dirty woman” pussy Ashley Judd, told some ‘Weinstein” stories to the Times, and now, he’s been outed.

You know the usual thing that powerful men do: Come on up darling and talk over your contract, which in Bill Clinton usual place, was being exposed in Arkansas technicolor.

And then the pretty woman has to decide: Do I message it like he wants, and make millions? Or…do I say “no thanks.” and walk out the door to stay poor forever?

Like I said: Only men with power do this. The guy you are working with, sitting next to you every day in the office, wouldn’t dare try it. And I like to believe that the majority of them wouldn’t do it even if they HAD the power.

But…Joyanna. What makes you think President Trump isn’t the same way?

1st: Most men that do this never divorce their wives. Their wives know them, and put up with it because of the money.

2nd: Trump, made all his mistakes in public. And all his x-wives are good friends with him.

3rd. That locker room talk? That’s the talk of a man who is, like the boxer said: talking the talk.

That doesn’t mean that now, hundreds of reporters are not trying to find sexual dirt on him. The Russia dossier, the one where Trump was in the Russian hotel having prostitutes pee on Obama’s bed?
They tried it, it was fake, so it didn’t work. They couldn’t even FAKE a good sexual scandal the idiots, but they made it the basis for the FBI to investigate.


And by the way, if I had taken the offer of rich and powerful men who offered me that suggestion, I’d be writing this too you from my own island, sipping fruity drinks with furry little dogs sitting at my feet near the pool, instead of an old house, in need of repair, and water bottles from Shop N. Save.

It was always just funny to me.

If you have to FORCE a woman to have sex with you, how pitiful is your life, I don’t care how rich you are.

As it is, I’m just enjoying the irony of it all.

Harvey Weinstein…a perve? Who knew? Maybe it was his breath.



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Sex Scandals: Where’s Obama’s “Bimbo?”

Nobody Wins

Hillary:They promised me…Susan: He’ll NEVER divorce her… Obama:I’d like a vowel please…

Everyone was just shocked..shocked, this week, that whoever leaked the sex scandal on Herman Cain has not succeeded in knocking him out of first place in the Republican run for the White House.

Well, what do they expect?

Bill Clinton has spent millions trying to clean up his playboy image from the White House afternoon cigar and pizza-with-a-thong romps. And lets not forget, Bill’s relentless rewriting of his own history has changed the national feelings on that sexual stuff. We all know that he is married to Hillary but they are in no way, nor ever will be again, husband and wife. They keep the image up, because they would lose all their power if they did not.

Don’t you find it funny that Hillary and Bill are never discussed anywhere as a couple anymore?  

We are still being reminded monthly by the Democrats that Bill Clinton’s sex scandal was unfortunate, but it didn’t keep him from, “being a great President and giving us a great economy.”


The whole Bill Clinton impeachment ordeal cost the whole country so much in money and embarrassments, that now, in 2012, the American people are absolutely sick of political parties digging up old sex scandals to win the game. We’re FED UP with it.

The Democrats did such a good job protecting the sex scandals of Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Jack Kennedy,  and Martin Luther King, with, “They can still run the country.” propaganda, that the American people are not about to condemn Herman Cain for maybe asking a girl back to his office late at night…twenty years ago.

Really, there should be a statue of limitations on sexual “misconduct.”

Right now, NOBODY wants to vote for Romney, so they’re sticking by the side of McCain, old sex scandals or not.  

Since it’s fair game for reporters to bring up past affairs, or no affairs, or affairs that are in the imagination of the other political party, I think it’s high time we expose Obama’s affairs. So, I’m going to speculate about Obama’s sex life just like all the other reporters on the planet, because it’s not about the truth it it? It’s mostly about hurting the rich and powerful. (I’m not a reporter.)


Barack Obama and Susan Rice

Obama is in a hot, sticky, clutch of hot, sticky (there’s those words again)  hormonal infidelity, with no other than his ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice.

What do you have to support this malicious allegation Ms Joyanna?

Well, a lot more than they have on Herman Cain, I have my impeccable woman’s intuition!

Besides the fact that when he first got into office she was always around him..sometimes looking like she just got out of a hot shower. I’d know that look anywhere. I’ve seen it on my own face. It’s takes one to know one.

Here’s a list of why they are meant for each other, never mind that they are both married, they are both part of the same elite ruling class. They are even starting to look like each Elvis and Pricilla.

When Obama got into office, he made Rice the Ambassador to the United Nations and made that position for the first time in history, a cabinet position, so that they could go into private meetings any old time they wanted to. What’s Michelle going to say? Probably…

“I’m leaving for Martha’s Vineyard NOW! I want that plane NOW!”

  • Rice ‘s father was a Cornell University Economics professor, and governor of the Federal Reserve
  • Rice’s mother is an education policy scholar currently at the Brookings institution.(Hillary’s think tank)
  • Rich’s brother got his MBA from Harvard Business School, and is the founder of Management Leadership for Tomorrow–an organization committed to developing top minority talent for leadership roles in the business and non-profit sector.
  • Rice attended Stanford University (Where Chelsea got her degree) and received a Truman Scholarship.
  • Rice, like Bill Clinton, was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship and attended Oxford, where she earned a M.Phil. (illuminati school for the up and coming rulers)
  • Madeline Albright has been a longtime friend. (As she has been to Condi Rice)
  • Rice was blamed for being the woman who told Bill Clinton to refuse bin Laden when he was offered up to us by the Sudan. She was central in that decision.
  • Clinton made her Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs in 1997.  She visited Nigerian President Elect Basorun M.K.O. Abiola and he had a heart attack during the meeting and died.
  • Rice left the Brookings institution to serve as a senior foreign politic advisor to Obama.
  • Rice was named to the Obama-Biden Transition Project.  
  • Rice is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Aspen Strategy Group
  • Rice played point guard in basketball in college. (Can you see why he built a basketball court?)

See? These two were MADE for each other.

Go ahead and find your own “Obama bimbo’s” We need to get working on this. Anything to get that man out of office.

Okay, so I’m silly. In fact, I’d say Obama would be a big disappointment to the democrats if he didn’t have an affair. Some three years ago, they put out a rumor that Hillary and Susan Rice…were gay.

And THAT’s my proof right there. Nobody Thinks it was a diversion to cut short rumors.

Hey? What? It’s not going to matter in the future..he’ll still get his statue  in the National Mall right next to Lincoln, no matter what.

So…go ahead and find your own “Obama bimbo.” And make sure EVERYBODY knows.

(Nobody Makes This Stuff Up Because Everybody Else Makes Stuff up.)  



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