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Obama Proclaims Ultimate Power…Which He Says He WON’T Use

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First: Observe the video above. The guy makes a joke about Obama (even though it was tasteless) but he gets visited by the Secret Service.

Really? Really? The Secret Service for telling a JOKE?

Nobody Remembers that Obama said this about white people once:

“And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

He can criticize us, but we can’t say much of anything against him, without the FBI knocking on our door I suppose…but now…it’s gotten worse. If you don’t like Obama— watch what you say: He now has the power to arrest you. He doesn’t even have to have an excuse.

On New Years’ Eve, when every politician in Washington was out of town: when every reporter in the nation was talking about Iowa: when the people  of America were all getting over their New Year’s Eve hangovers…what a better time to take dictatorial powers over the Constitution then when everyone is not paying attention to you, because you are busy spending $4 million taxpayer dollars vacationing in Hawaii.

Could you have found a more propitious moment to declare yourself dictator, and give yourself the power to arrest any citizen, on whatever cause you so choose, and lock him or her up indefinitely without a trial?

“I have signed this bill on the understanding that section 1022 provides the executive branch with broad authority to determine how best to implement it, and with the full and unencumbered ability to waive any military custody requirement, including the option of waiving appropriate categories of cases when doing so is in the national security interests of the United States.”

Wow….‘President’ Obama signed the National Defense Appropriation Act, a law that ends the 4th Amendment in the United States unless the Supreme Court overrules it. Only one of the biggest moments in American history. We now officially have a KING…and it went without much of a whimper.

Oh, he signed but so what? He’ll never use it.” is the Newspeak falling from every pundit’s lip. “He said he’d never use it…and so, whose going to win the Republican Election gang? Who? “

Uh…Houston…Houston…Houston…are you there? Oh..that’s right. Obama got rid of Houston.

Nobody Remembersthe last unconstitutional law that Obama wanted the whole world to see him sign. The infamous Obama Health Care Bill. It was reported on all the cable stations and all over the world. He had that sweet little black boy standing beside show that now, the great man was going to protect, feed, clothe, and give this sweet black boy free medical for as long as he lives. Not to mention, Obama usually has dozens of democrats standing behind him…smiling, fawning…(in Nancy’s case…dribbling..)

So, why did Obama HIDE the signing of probably the biggest grab of power ever taken by a American President since FDR?  He knows he has no right to take this power, so as he was signing it, with the provisions put in by his request that American citizens also be included.  It was put to us that he wants to protect us from terrorists. But it’s not Muslims terrorist that Obama fears…it’s the tea party.

“The fact that I support this bill as a whole does not mean I agree with everything in it. In particular, I have signed this bill despite having serious reservations with certain provisions that regulate the detention, interrogation, and prosecution of suspected terrorists.”

As one reporter said: “Here is a man with a law degree telling us that he signed a bill into law, despite serious reservations. Who cares what reservations he has? He signed it into law.”

“Moreover, I want to clarify that my Administration will not authorize the indefinite militardetention without trial of American citizens. Indeed, I believe that doing so would break with our most important traditions and values as a Nation. My Administration will interpret section 1021 in a manner that ensures that any detention it authorizes complies with the Constitution, the laws of war, and all other applicable law.”

You won’t? Look what happend when one Congressman said: “You lie.” <—–

The Constitution does not authorize the President to use signing statements to circumvent any validly enacted Congressional Laws, nor does it authorize him to declare he will disobey such laws (or parts thereof). When a bill is presented to the President, the Constitution (Art. II) allows him only three choices: do nothing, sign the bill, or (if he disapproves of the bill) veto it in its entirety.

In other words, you can’t make yourself dictator BY LAW and then come out and say…oh, I really don’t want to be a dictator, you know, I know I’m not suppose to arrest anyone without a trial, but I signed it anyway.

Last year, Janet Napolitano, the head of Homeland Security, wants us all to think that the tea party is the biggest threat to our country. (See her video below)  Which means— if you have any sense at all, you can only suspect that it’s not the Muslim terrorist that Obama fears, it’s the America people…especially the white ones. 


Last week, Mark Meckler, co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, was arrested at New York City’s LaGuardia Airport on a gun charge. He currently faces 15 years in prison. He actually showed police his pistol permit and explained – and had paperwork to prove it – that the weapon is registered in California.

When you have a president who wants to release our enemies in Guantanamo —but is afraid of those white people who he thinks are after him because of the color of his skin..which Republican Candidate wins in Iowa is the least of our worries. If you can make yourself KING and nobody objects:

Than any day of the week you can say:

“I have signed this executive order that by my sworn authority to protect the American People. The 2012  presidential election will remain suspended until further determination by this Administration that we are safe enough to continue with our great American experiment.”

The director of the Human Rights Watch said, ’ Obama will go down in history as the president who enshrined indefinite detention without trial in US law.”

 What Nobody Knows is: What will he do next?

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