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Nobody’s Opinion of George H.W. Bush

Nobody’s Opinion

Fox News had a special on tonight..a tribute to X-President George Herbert Walker Bush, on his 88th birthday, which is Tuesday. It was so lovingly produced that one can only suppose the powerful Bush family and Karl Rove did it up special for the old guy.

Somewhere in the “tribute”  they accorded George H.W. Bush’s loss to Bill Clinton due to Ross Perot, but many true conservatives like me, were shocked at the time, to see Ross lose to Bush, who was by all accounts, not much more memorable than the innocuous Gerald Ford.

Daddy Bush has the personality of a friendly ferret, but he had vast political connections, thanks to Prescott Bush…a subject of many books.  

When Bush ran, he was elected primarily on the coat wings of Ronald Reagan, who was so beloved, that if “Ronnie” (As Nancy so endearingly called him) had told us all to vote for Yoko Ono, we probably would have.(On condition that she wouldn’t sing.)

I don’t remember anybody really getting excited about 41. He talked with an annoying nasal, reprimanding voice, and was nothing like the dynamic Reagan. To me he looked more like an insurance salesman. He was pretty boring, until ..Desert Storm.

When Daddy Bush came on TV and claimed our “victory” over Saddam, I was in a bar, and I was the ONLY person in that bar who was not cheering at the sight of the bombers flying in celebration.  I thought it all a big show for Bush. Sure, the Bush’s always give the credit to the little guy—(Unlike the ego currently in the White House) but don’t think for a minute that they aren’t trying to write stupendous history for themselves. Like the movie stars, they pay people to work on their “brand.”

Nobody was thinking at the time, how hard WAS it to repeal some little country like Iraq? Reagan had left him with a great military. I hated the way Bush acted as if he had gone and saved a poor little defenseless country—even if he did.

Vietnam, left my generation war weary…and I was one of those people who could not see why any of our leaders go around the world “defending” anyone. …unless of course it’s Britain.

But Desert Storm was sold the way wars are always sold..with noble platitudes…instead of what they are mostly about: protecting U.S. interests, and in that case, it really was about oil, (BP) which by the way, Bush knew a lot about having become a millionaire in the oil business by the time he was 40.

We had a deal with the Saudis Kings. We protect them, they supply us…and in return they keep the OPEC prices reasonable. That was okay— so why not say so? (Wouldn’t you like to know what REALLY goes on behind closed door?)

Daddy Bush always kept that “Aw…sucks, I’m just a little old country boy at heart” game face on. (Which his son mastered with much better technique) But as the years go by, in hindsight…it was Daddy Bush that took us down that “New World Order” road of globalization, which has done untold damage to our country.

When George H.W. was running for President, they didn’t even mention his past hardly at all. All America needed to know was that he was going to carry on Reagan’s policies. Dukakis was weaker than John McCain—he couldn’t lose.  And unlike Obama, Daddy Bush was almost overqualified to be President.

Tell me: How many men in the world in one lifetime hold so many top positions before he became President?  He was an ambassador to the United Nations, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, U.S. envoy to China, Director of the CIA, Head of the International Bank, Director of the Foreign Council of Relations, Vice President, then President.

It was the Bush family who pushed us headlong into NAFTA.

Bush’s administration, along with the Progressive Conservative Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, spearheaded the negotiations of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which would eliminate the majority of tariffs on products traded among the United States, Canada, and Mexico, to encourage trade amongst the countries.[70] The treaty also restricts patents, copyrights, and trademarks, and outlines the removal of investment restrictions among the three countries.[70]

You can thank your rotten bananas for that one.

Perot TRIED to warn the American people what would happen to us if we got into NAFTA. Jobs would exit the U.S.  like water pouring out of a sieve he said, and he was right. An army of black helicopters shut him up.

What is terribly sad about all this, is we are coming right back into the Bush dynasty again…which is the Rockefeller Rhino Club— “One World Government” party that is running the show. There are a handful of globalists at the top, and they never leave the control. Mitt might be in the White House, but in the background will be the Bush family.  Like Putin…waiting for the day when they get the Presidency again.(Jeb?)  And then Hillary in 2016? And Obama will go..where…to the United Nations?

And he’s the worst of them all. (Obama)


At the end of the tribute tonight, it was obvious that the Bush family wanted Daddy’s Bush’s legacy to be getting people to “serve”..They were proud that Bush 41 had gotten 100 million people to “volunteer” their time serving other people.

(That’s his Legacy?)

Jimmy Carter would be proud….Karl Marx would be proud: Obama would be proud…Bob Dylan would be proud…

Why mention this at all? Wait for it…wait for it…

There will be a day when mandatory “service” will be required of all American citizens, and BOTH heads of both parties will be behind it. Now…be good little boys and girls and volunteer to help your neighbor…or else.

Come on Joyanna, that’s will NEVER happen…

Well… did you know that the real reason Obama made 9/11 a “day of service” is because an X President named George Herbert Walker Bush, wanted it?

Gee…why didn’t Obama tell us that? (Who RUNS these people? )

The only “service” we should be giving on 9/11 is our humble service to the families who lost loved ones that day.

It’s about time our Presidents started “serving ” the American people.

ALL of them.

On Tuesday, there might be alot obout Daddy Bush’s great legacy…and feel free to celebrate a President who by all accounts, was better than any democrat…go ahead…but THIS Nobody is holding out for the 4th.

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  2. THIS guy should have been President. Somehow he was overlooked.

    I am sure Ronnie would have invited him to the White House.
    June 8, 2012
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    Comment by Amfortas | June 11, 2012 | Reply

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