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Nobody’s Perfect: Toyota Prius VS Chevy Volt

Nobody’s Perfect: 

It’s not rocket science: When Obama and his green buddies decided to throw “stimulus” into GM to make electric cars, anybody who had any sense would have said—-Uh…Thomas Edison tried to make a battery driven car: Been there, done that. You remember Thomas Edison don’t you? The progressives want you to forget him because he was the quintessential entrepreneur…He only lit up the world as we know it, and because he invented the motion picture, we get to see Obama and Michelle this week on the View!

Lucky us!

If Thomas Edison thought it wasn’t worth the effort, what makes you think Obama could do it? After all, in my 50-year old house, I cannot turn on my computer if my printer is on. And god forbid someone decide to vacuum the rug on Christmas Eve…all the outside Christmas lights blow out.

A Chevy Volt plugged into my garage would blow out my whole neighborhood. I’d have to buy a new house to just plug the Volt into….and it’s been known to blow up a few houses.

Hey…didn’t that brilliant mind of Obama’s job Czar Jeffery Immelt–didn’t he realize we’d have to rewire millions of homes to use these worthless electric cars? NO…all he saw was big electric bills coming his way. That’s what’s your suppose to do when you’re CEO of General Electric. Build everything in China, and get our government to fund electric cars.

Obama insisted on making those electric he doled out the money….

 Washington agreed to provide $25Bn in cheap loans to the companies who make electric cars. So far, $8.4Bn has been committed. The rest of the money will be doled out before 2019. The money is being lent by the Federal Financing Bank (FFB). Because the loans are guaranteed by DOE, there is no risk of repayment to FFB. As a result, the loans are excluded from the calculation of the debt limit. The 25 ‘large’ is all “off balance sheet”. A very neat trick indeed!

People aren’t stupid—So, it came as no surprise this week when two companies who had been trying to force electric cars onto the market have decided to take their losses and call it quits. Guess what? Nobody is buying them. What are Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Dustin Hoffman, Harrison Ford and Tom Hanks going to do when they want to trade in their old Prius’?

Yes, after all the taxpayer’s good money…GM is dumping the Chevy Volt. Buy one now, and get a big discount…

GM’s discounts on the Volt are more than four times the industry’s per-vehicle average, according to TrueCar estimates. and J.D. Power and Associates say they’re about three times the average. Discounts include low-interest financing, cash discounts to buyers, sales bonuses to dealers, and subsidized leases.

And Toyota is right behind. They are getting rid of their electric cars:

 “The current capabilities of electric vehicles do not meet society’s needs, whether it may be the distance the cars can run, or the costs, or how it takes a long time to charge,” said, Uchiyamada, who spearheaded Toyota’s development of the Prius hybrid in the 1990s.

How do you like that? It took those two companies THIS long to figure that nobody was going to buy a car that had to be charged every 50 miles, and plugged in?

What? The Japanese are just as stupid as GM?

I don’t know which company is more lame. Toyota didn’t need an electric car, and it doesn’t make me feel any better that these great minds running the world are such idiots.

Nevertheless…don’t think they’ve given up. Remember…they passed Obamacare, which now means that our government can force us to buy anything, according to the Supreme Court.

I expect that IF Obama is kept in office, we will see….

The OBAMACAR. Probably a variation of this Nissan.

Nissan aims to offer its electric cars globally by 2012, in its long-term plan.

Nobody  plans to put my mandated electric car on top of my house at Christmas time, with a Big Santa Claus sitting in the seat, decorated and lit up with my finest Christmas bulbs…

And then…I plan to vacuum.


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  1. The Volt was created under George W. Bush. And George H. Bush bought a Volt. The Volt only uses 8amps to charge. The same energy as a microwave or television.


    Comment by kdawg | December 3, 2012 | Reply

    • I believe you about the Bushes. But, what I don’t buy, is that my garage won’t blow up if I plug in a Volt. (I wouldnt’ want one anyway, I like PROGRESS!) In my house, I can’t turn on my computer if the printer is on… And I’m NOT the only house in America that has old wiring, and it’s just a sneaky way to get the government INTO our houses to control our electrical use.

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | December 3, 2012 | Reply

      • What city/state do you live in? Many have incentives for free chargers plus installation. To me, I’d rather give my money to domestic energy suppliers vs. oil princes in the Middle East or dictators in Venezuela that support terrorists who hate America. Not only does it help our economy, it’s much cheaper (5 times) than using oil.


        Comment by kdawg | December 4, 2012

      • We have a brand new Hyundai Veloster, and IF it doesn’t get the low mileage promised, they reinburse you. It gets 40 mpg which is VERY good. It’s great. And we get money BACK! They just zap it on a debit card! Who else does that? Now, we have extra money to burn every month. Not only are we saving gas at the pump, we’re getting money on top of it. It’s better than beer. The answer is to develop our oil fields here…which everyone is saying will be the next big thing. And we don’t buy gas unless it’s from America. You can google and find the stations. You know, I also don’t like the fact that they don’t go too far. Thomas Edison gave up on them…and I trust his “opinion.” I’m waiting for the air car. Much cheaper!

        Joyanna Adams



        Comment by joyannaadams | December 4, 2012

      • 40mpg is good and I’m glad you are helping our oil addiction problem by driving an efficient vehicle. I get about 275mpg in my car and go to the gas station about once every 3 months. I prefer to buy domestic cars to support American jobs.

        Regarding oil, there’s not much left on American soil relative to the rate at which we use it. Canada (our biggest supplier) has a low-grade oil that comes from shale. It’s becoming more expensive to capture this oil every year. Gas prices would normally be much higher than they are now (think $8/gallon), but the governments subsidize the oil companies (so much for the free market). In any case, it is a fossil fuel, so by definition it is finite supply and will one day be gone forever. Unfortunately burning it is one of the most wasteful things we could do, as oil is required for so many other products we need. Oil is a world-wide commodity. You cannot buy only “American” oil since we import 1/2 of the oil we use. We do not import gasoline. We are actually a gasoline exporter, since the US has a large refining capacity. All of the oil goes to the same refineries then gets distributed to the gasoline companies. Since oil is part of a world market, it doesn’t matter who you import it from, as long as you are still buying the product. As the BRIC countries become more developed and buy more cars, expect oil prices to keep climbing rapidly.

        Natural gas has made a lot of headlines recently, and we do have a lot of it domestically. I would like to see that be part of the short term solution until we can move to more renewable energy sources. Unfortunately, natural gas is also a fossil fuel, so it’s not a permanent solution.

        My car can take me 375 miles. There are other electric cars that can do the same. I only drive about 30 miles per day though and 85% of Americans drive 40 miles or less per day. Speaking of air-cars, India did develop a car that ran on compressed air. However compressors run on electricity so it makes more sense to just run the car off the electricity from an efficiency standpoint. IBM is also developing a lithium-air battery that will provide a 500 mile range per charge. Below is a link on that project if you are interested (we’ve come a long way since Edison). Did you know there were more electric vehicles on the roads in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s than gas vehicles?



        Comment by kdawg | December 5, 2012

  2. There is an economy-destructive logic behind most of the ‘green’ philosophy, even without off-shoring production to China or Japan or even Oz. The ‘electric car’ bizzo is just one such and few have yet to point out the obvious-to-blind- Freddy problem. It is supposed to be the answer to depleting oil reserves. Electricity replaces petrol (or ‘gas’ to you).

    In Oz for example, there is a mad scheme to replace coal-powered electricity generation with wind and solar etc. This is pushing the cost of electricity through the roof at a faster rate than heat can escape from an open window. And faster and higher than petrol prices.

    Yet here we are asking people to buy electric cars. What will it cost to recharge the batteries? A small fortune, of course, making the cost of running a car at all uneconomical.

    A recent article here in Oz (no ref I’m afraid) discussed a ‘holiday’ in the Blue Hills west of Sydney. A nice place. The writer, finding there were no ‘public’ or ‘commercial’ electricity provision used the electricity in the motels he stayed in. That is, it cost the motel owner, who was unaware.

    More…. the car manual’s published useage rate was way off and the 150 kilometre range was reduced to less than 40 when hills were encountered. As they are in the Blue Hills or any other hilly places.

    Electricity is ‘city’ stuff as far as vehicular traffic is concerned. Battery powered vehicles can only be used in short distances and very lightweight vehicles. Electric trains take electricity on a constant basis from miles and miles and miles of ‘exposed’ power cables.

    I have an electric bike. It is good for 60kms per charge. I rarely do more than 10 at a time. It gets me along at 25kmph on the flat and a steadt 6kmph uphill. Good enough for the shops to get some milk. But not for a holiday!


    Comment by amfortas | September 24, 2012 | Reply

    • Yes, you explained the insanity. The electric car will someday be a “collectable.” (WE HOPE)

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | September 25, 2012 | Reply

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