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Nobody’s Email: Milton Freidman on Universal Heatlh Care

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Okay. I know I’ve been posting a lot of video’s lately, but,— I TRY to pick the ones that help me learn something…so of course, if I like it, I want to share it. This “talk” was years ago, but it explains the horrible mess Obama and his democrats have done to us with Obamacare. For those of you who are under the British Health Care system, I am anxious to hear your comments.

Worth the watch, especially if you have never seen Milton Freidman talk.

Enjoy! (Or wake up…)

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  1. As you well know, I am generally pro Universal health care and generally con bureaucracy and Government.

    I have lived under a variety of ‘systems’ and seen the successes and failures, the improvements and disasters of both universal care systems and private, of increasing interference and rising costs, restrictions on availability and the explosion in ‘jobs for the girls’.

    The ‘Vote’ issue is the root cause in the disasters of socialised medicine. Not so much the ‘Universality’ or the income stream. It is the ‘vote’ issue that leads to the corruption of intent and execution.

    The intent of ‘free’ (that is , paid from taxation spread over all) medicine is wrecked by ‘progressive taxation’, again a ‘vote’ corruption, which exempts some people while imposing greater costs on others. The Intent ‘was’ that the emergency patient, the poor and the needy should find some immediate assistance, free from worry about the immediate cost. That used to be down to ‘charity’, provided from individual virtue. The take-over of virtue by machineries of government inevitably lead to vice.

    That vice used to be confined to private-sector imposed ‘rules’, such as ‘Bring your own Blood’, or ‘No Insurance card: stay on the street’. Now it is ‘wait in line’, don’t answer back’, and ‘do you want the ‘Tribunal’ to hear the charges against you for harassment, abuse, offence and ‘looking’ first, or to hear your complaint about the form filling?’.

    All human systems are corruptible. It takes effort and intelligence, a good heart and a pragmatic mind to devise and maintain a sound system. The British had such qualities and application seven or eight decades ago but alas they have been taken over by a Government Department far more interested in hiring ever increasing numbers of barely literate and barely numerate women (Freidman seemed to avoid, not just omit showing just who comprised this explosion in Administrative staff). (The NHS is the largest employer in the entire world and 75% female)

    The Medical profession itself is almost universally revered, whatever the system. Yet they too are human beings, just as apt to be corrupted. And have they ever been corrupted. The white-coat ‘Unionisation’ that restricts the increase in Doctor numbers so as to keep the wages artificially high is corruption. The move to ‘University’ ‘educated (hah ! ) nurses is another. Feminist interference in education, particularly in Education, ensures us a constant supply of illiterate and inumerate nurses all well versed in the corrupt ideology of Betty Freidan and Simone de Bouvoir but lacking the basic knowledge of ‘patriarchal’ chemistry and anatomy, logic and learning.

    Stitching up the system, like stitching up a wound, when the dirt and decay is left in situ to fester, will not result in a patient becoming whole and well.


    Comment by Amfortas | December 8, 2012 | Reply

    • Thanks once again for your very well appreciated “two cents”! Our system was fine, and nobody was ever turned away from any hospital or charged, and then we had the invasion of hispanics…40 million and the hospitals just couldn’t keep up the cost.

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | December 8, 2012 | Reply

      • Now now Joy, you know that was not the case ‘back then’. Medicine was awful right up to the 40’s. More people died from gangrene then – with a far smaller population – than die from heart conditions today. Even up to the present some people (quite a large, some) were left (and still are) without due care let alone proper care. The ‘hispanics’ (many of whom are quite ordinarily fine folk) are just exacerbators in a wholesale systems failure. It is like blaming the passengers for the propellors falling off.

        In all these discussions (not just on this wonderful blog) hardly anyone mentions Taiwan. There is a ‘how to do it’ lesson. Their system works, and with just 6% of GDP, compared with the USA 16% rising fast. Mind you, just how the Taiwanese will keep corruption at bay will be an even better lesson for us all if they manage it.


        Comment by Amfortas | December 8, 2012

      • I know nothing about Taiwan..Maybe I can find some info on it. BUT…I grew up in America, spent a LOT of time in the medical care here, amfortas…and YEARS dealing with issues in hospitals here. And it wasn’t YEARS ago, it started going downhill during Bill Clinton. We had the BEST. The BEST. I REMEMBER IT WELL. Very well. Extremly WELL. I’m not senile yet. I was’t talking back in the 18th century, I was talking about my lifetime. And what makes you think that I don’t like hispanics? It has nothing to do with whether I ‘like’ them or not. It’s simple economics. Same as our debt. America had the BIGGEST invasion of any country in history. Over 40 million people came here withing a decade. It would be like England being invaded by Brazil. Wait…it IS being invaded! Really, it has nothing to do with the “personalities’ of the people. It’s simple economics. NOTHING is free, unless of course, you are a politician.

        Joyanna Adams



        Comment by joyannaadams | December 9, 2012

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