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All it Takes is a Few Holes….

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Hey! Ever wonder why there are so many thugs running around the United States? Ever wonder how many Jihadist carrying suitcases have wandered across this little open space?

Here’s a video you won’t see on your favorite network cable channel: but Brandon Darby of Breitbart made his own film….thereby proving that securing the border FIRST is a must for any immigration policy.

And if you believe that’s going to happen, then you also believe that Eleanor Roosevelt used to talk to Hillary Clinton in the White House. What? You thought only Nancy Reagan was into the occult? Hillary talked to Eleanor every day! If ONLY Eleanor would have been born later….we might have gotten the first GAY couple in the White House. WAIT! There’s STILL time for hope! Janet Reno is still alive and ready, and with the right barber, could be made to look like Eleanor…a few frumpy dresses, some new frumpy shoes….hey…I can see it.

Okay. Off the subject….

On a good note, Jan Brewer has stood firmly against the Commando Mugabe-in-chief…..proving that at least a few people in Arizona didn’t vote for John McCain, and that’s always a refreshing thought. th


August 5, 2013 - Posted by | Amnesty |

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  1. The worst holes are the A#%hole politicians allowing the invasion for cheap labor and votes.


    Comment by YesIdo | August 5, 2013 | Reply

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