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Can Bald University Students Go to School in North Korea?

Nobody Wonders

You have to wonder about dictators. What makes them tick? Kim Jong Un

From Newsmax

A new state-sanctioned guideline will require every male university student in North Korea to have the same haircut as their leader, Kim Jong Un.

According to the Daily Mail,  North Korean state TV launched a five-part series in 2005 titled “Let us trim our hair in accordance with Socialist lifestyle” to promote short hair among males. The show would employ hidden cameras to catch “rebel” North Koreans who were breaking the strict hairstyle code. The makers of the program named and shamed individuals who chose to cut their hair differently, and even claimed men should keep their hair shorter than two inches and have it cut every 15 days because having long hair would drain their brains of energy.

North Korean now living in China told The Korea Times that Kim Jong Un’s look is unpopular in North Korea, saying, “Until the mid-2000s, we called it the ‘Chinese smuggler haircut.'”

Yes… What makes them tick? Do they get off on themselves so much that they insist that everyone LOOK like them? Or do they just make people all over the world listen for hours while they give long speeches off of teleprompters in which they same the same old boring thing over and over for years and years?

Well..while Michelle Obama can ordered what our kids can eat, I guess having university students cut their hair the same way, is really not that much different then telling kids in school what they will eat. Actually, it’s less painful, than our school lunch program.

But…Nobody Wonders what happens if you are a naturally bald university student?

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