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Yes, I DO care about what people are thinking, especially the ‘nobodies’ whose only voice you will read on the internet in the comment sections.screwed face 2

Here’s two that I read today, and thought were excellent.  (Enjoy!)

 Noctcha Biz: Wasn’t it about 4 years ago when Obama and his minions announced the recession as over, and didn’t Bush announce basically the same thing during his last term? The truth is if the morons running this country were to enforce the immigration laws , it would open up over 40 million jobs for CITIZENS , cut taxes for all CITIZENS who pay taxes by cutting 40 million from the welfare rolls and reduce the need and costs for section 8 housing and for charity medical care as well as the BS ‘Open Space Preservation’ programs in many states like NJ. Just by enforcing 1 law , immigration, this country can come out of this recession quickly Since that will not be done thanks to schmucks like Bush and Obama and most in Congress, lets turn the focus to FOREIGN AID especially in Iraq and Afghanistan . EVERY PENNY SPENT THERE WAS A WASTE!! While we improved 2 anti-American countries , we allowed ours to decay. 1 go in both full force, annihilate the terrorists , reign terror upon them with an all out assault. Wipe the scum from the face of the earth once and for all. 2. pull all troops out 3. cut foreign aid by 75% 4. spend the money here where it should stay 5 . Give aid in times of natural disaster 6. stop being the worlds UNPAID police 7. catch pirates and put them in prison for life no parole 8 sanction all countries where scamming is their main source of income, meaning Nigeria, Ghana and Russia 9 repeal all trade agreements in the last 40 years as anti-American . If you want to sell your products here, manufacture them here. Minimal trade with foreign countries unless trade is balanced once those programs are underway our economy will improve dramatically and foreclosures will go way down.

Frank Kelly Anyone who takes the time to vote would throw all the 535 idiots that are now in office under the pretense of supporting the people’s. The so-called elected reps vote for whoever gathers them the most votes for their elections. When the takers outnumber the tax paying public it will ensure the fall of that society. With millions of people on government assistance or unable to locate employment does it make sense to grant millions of non citizenship illegal immigrants into this country to grant them a promise of a bright future when the present government is unable to grant the unemployed workers in America any security. The only reason that this so-called group of reps that would support these programs are to enhance their chances to gather votes for their selfish re-election chances. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what the final outcome is to this once great country of a government for the people , by the people who was once true. When the elected reps are unwilling to debate such matters and only look out for their own selfish interests then this government will fail!! When the takers outnumber the givers the outcome is clear. Does 90 million people on some sort of government assistance insure a better tomorrow, get real, the outcome is obvious.

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Nobody Remembers John Gorrie

Nobody Remembers

Not many people know that the guy who invented air conditioning, was…robbed of his fortune. You can bet your last greatest idea, that this still happens every single day. The inventor gets basically…robbed. It’s just that robbing the little guy, never gets talked about much. John Gorrie

But those who have more power, and money are very good at it.

It was John Gorrie who invented the air conditioner.

Dr. John Gorrie was a Florida physician who was looking for a way to make his patients suffering from yellow fever and malaria more comfortable. It was the 1840’s and it before they knew that mosquitoes were the cause, so most doctors figured it was caused by ‘bad air.”

The doctor thought if he could just cool the air, they would all feel better.

In the Apalachicola Commercial Advertiser he wrote this:

If the air were highly compressed, it would heat up by the energy of compression. If this compressed air were run through metal pipes cooled with water, and if this air cooled to the water temperature was expanded down to atmospheric pressure again, very low temperatures could be obtained, even low enough to freeze water in pans in a refrigerator box.”

This was before electricity, but he figured it could be powered by steam or water.Frederic Tudor

Gorrie patented his ice making and air cooling device in 1851, but his main financial backer died that year. He couldn’t find another investor, and it was mainly because his invention was being ridiculed in the press.

Who did he blame this bad press on? Frederic Tudor, the Ice King, who had made his fortune shipping insulated natural ice to warm climates.

Gurrie died destitute in 1855, and it would be another fifty years before Willis Haviland Carrier would use Gurrie basic principles and get another patent.

There another blog here, (and lots more Nobody Opinions) but it’s too nice outside! I want to enjoy it before I have to turn on the air.

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