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Inflation Just Keeps Getting Bigger!

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Let’s start this fine Sunday morning with a bit of humor shall we? Mark Dice always makes me laugh.

—-Although, as we see here, there is an ignorance from the young that might make you glad you are not going to be around in 50 years. ( And if you are young…?)


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Did the Taliban Steal that Plane Jack?

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This ‘story’ of what exactly happened to that lost plane that CNN still cannot find, is fascinating…

From last night’s program of Coast to Coast am:

During Open Lines, an anonymous caller disclosed detailed insights about missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 which he claimed to have received from a friend that had longstanding connections to the Navy.

According to the caller’s source, an American convoy in Afghanistan was hijacked by the Taliban this past February and the equipment used to control U.S. drones was captured. In turn, the Taliban attempted to sell this technology to the Chinese government. As part of the deal, the equipment was sent to Malaysia, which was believed to be a covert location, where Chinese scientists studied it. In order to avoid suspicion, ‘anonymous’ said, the Chinese decided to transport the equipment to China via a civilian aircraft: MH370. However, he said, the United States was determined to get the equipment back and worked with Israel to decipher the Chinese plan.

As such, there were five U.S. and Israeli agents aboard the plane and, as the airliner was between Malaysian and Vietnamese airspace, an American AWAC¬†jammed the control system of MH370. Subsequently, the agents aboard the plane took control of the craft and flew it to an American base on the island of Diego Garcia, where the drone equipment as well as the flight’s black box were extracted. Following that, MH370, full of dead passengers that had been killed from lack of oxygen, was remotely controlled to fly to the Indian Ocean where it crashed “to make it look as if the plane eventually ran out of fuel.”

Hey, sounds a lot more interesting than the story that some horrible person took a picture of Obama exercising! missing plane



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Flashback: It’s all About Closing Gitmo

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So, according to Dick Morris, this was all about Obama closing Gitmo.

It’s in his big plans. How soon we all forget.

Is Fox News and our republican politicians going to fight this?

You tell me.


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