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The Important Business of …Inventing.

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The age of the drones is coming: So, exactly WHEN are we going to get air cars? Impossible you say?Rush Limbaugh

Nothing short of honest politicians, is impossible–let’s think back:

A newspaper editor in 1865 told his readers, “Well-informed people know that it is impossible to transmit the voice over wires and that, were it possible to do so the thing would have no practical value.”

(So would say Obama with the ‘invention’ of Fox News, but too bad.)

On the day the Wright Brothers first took wing, newspapers refused to report the event because their editors simply could not bring themselves to believe it had happened. Basically because a famous American astronomer, Simon Newcomb, had assured the world that “No possible combination of known substances, known forms of machinery and no forms of force, can be united in a practical machine by which man shall fly long distances.”

(Proving the point that newspaper editors haven’t a clue about much of anything then, and still don’t.)The Wright Brothers

Another elite expert said, not long after that, that is was “Nothing less than feeble-mindedness to expect anything to come of the horseless carriage movement. Six years later the one-millionth Ford rolled off the assembly line.

(It’s amazing what the feeble-minded can do if you give them a chance.)

And the discoverer of the atom, Ernest Rutherford, said in 1933, that the energy in the atom’s nucleus would never be released, but nine years later: the first chain reaction.

(How about that nano-technology?)Henry Ford

And so, I keep hoping for air cars. Several men have invented cars that run on just the air around us…and there are already several ‘cars’ that fly like planes.

It could be a whole new world..

Nevertheless: almost all modern inventions were invented in America: where the American Dream of creating something new is what drove the genius, and freedom was its fuel.

Take away freedom of the individual. You take away inventions.

In the meantime, Nobody Suggests that it’s time to ‘invent’ a way to put politicians in jail, so we can get back to the important (And may I say…AMERICAN) business of…inventing.

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Facebook…The Ultimate Government Spy

Nobody Wins

Here’s the genius of FACEBOOK: In order to ‘see’ something that some friend wants you to see on his FACEBOOK site, you have to join it. That’s what I did long ago because a friend of mine wanted me to visit her site.  So, right then, I had a Facebook page, which I never visit, or go to, even though it’s all the rage and supposedly will do marvelous things for you.

Whenever I go on Facebook, all I can think is “When do these people FIND the time to hang out on FACEBOOK?” For whatever reason…Facebook bores me to tears. I don’t believe for a minute that anyone in the world cares about the latest picture of my “dog” or my “sunset” and when I want to ‘share” I just tell a story on my blog.

I try not to do that too often. God knows, for instance, I could have told you about something interesting today: I was taking a walk, and I saw some guy, come out of his garage, walk UP to his porch, pick up a small package, and then walk down to the curb, and throw it in his car…and he looked—suspicious. My mind went into a variety of “Is he STEALING that package? Why doesn’t he just throw it in the front door? Is that his car? Does he live in that house? Why is he looking at me as if I’m a thief!

We were both suspicious of each other.

See? This is the stuff you read…better off writing a novel I say, and make up a murder mystery than write nonsense on Facebook.

Besides, after I saw the movie of Zuckerberg, I thought he was a rich, elite, spoiled, brat. Nothing like Steve Jobs. BUT… What Facebook is, is the perfect way for the government to collect information FOR FREE on every person on the planet, just like the video points out.

They made a movie about Zuckerface: How much of a genius he was…how much of a BRAT he was. And wasn’t it funny, when we all learned that Zuckerface started out being a really big asshole. While many think his ‘grading women’ in college was clever and funny, I thought it showed a typical, immature, brat.

And it was really cruel, and gee…have you ever heard ANY feminist say a word against the man for it?

No. Liberals can commit any crime, and still be loved.

After watching the film above, my early intuitions were right. FACEBOOK will never go out of style, because FACEBOOK, is the government’s best friend. And that’s why, I will probably continue to ignore it.

Much like I ignore, snobby, elitist, nasty, young college kids.


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