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Who You Gonna Call? Edward or Barry?

Nobody Flashes

I finally got to watch the Brian Williams interview with Snowden tonight. I found him much more stable and confident than when he was running all over the world looking for a place to hide.

Still, while I’ve yet to hear any damage to any person (besides our big government officials) from any source, there are still people out there saying he is a traitor.

If you get a chance to see the whole interview, it’s worth it. To many, the proof that he is a traitor is that he ran. Anyone who has looked at the list of people who have worked for the Clinton’s who have died mysterious deaths (over 60) probably would not take chances with our government giving them a fair trial. After all, did they give the video guy a fair trial?

Like Edward said: They HAD the intelligence on 9/11 AND the Boston Bombers, and yet, they did nothing.

Obama said today, while he was giving himself another photo boost with the parents of the young soldier he ‘saved’ from Afghanistan, “America never leaves our soldiers behind.”

While you may think, like me, that is a big fat lie, it’s not. It’s true: America doesn’t leave her soldiers behind. But Obama does.

So, who you going to believe: Edward Snowden, or Barry? More importantly, who YOU gonna call when the NSA is spying on you?

call grandma



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Was Jay Carney Fired?

Nobody Cares

I must admit, ever since Fast and Furious, Jay Carney has had a heck of a time making excuses for Obama. Sure, he’s a liberal, but watch as Obama ‘replaces’ him. Jay was “let go” (come on, he doesn’t even have another job folks) not for anything he had done, but because Obama (and whomever gives HIM advice) thought a change would help his image, which is fading fast. Obama is to blame for all the bad rap he is getting, but he will blame everyone but himself. Jay has actually had to lie, time and again for the President. It was getting almost laughable to watch.

If you watch Jay, even though he is smiling, you can tell he is devastated.

The fact that Obama talked on and on and on about Josh Earnest his replacement, was a real slap to the man. A few sentences would have sufficed.

Once again, Obama shows his low-class. Although, he’s so narcissistic, in HIS mind, he gave a great speech. (from his notes.)

Jay will not suffer…he will find another job, and Josh Earnest? Nobody Cares.

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Columbus Had a Black Co-Pilot: Who Knew?

Nobody Remembers–

Here’s a few facts from history you never hear discussed: Nobody seems to remember:Nino——–

That the first African to sail to the New World, was not a slave, but a pilot and a navigator for Christopher Columbus on his first voyage. His name was Alonzo Nino (1468-1505?)

(Alonzo didn’t have a pretty end though.)

That there were thirty black men with Vasco Nunez de Balboa when he reached the Pacific ocean in 1513.

That Africans accompanied Hernando Cortes to Mexico, and Francisco Pizarro to Peru.

That Africans ventured into Canada and the Mississippi Valley with the French.

And around 1780, or 1790, it was a black man from Haiti, named Jean Baptiste Point du Sabe, who constructed the first non-native dwelling at a trading post that would later be named Chicago.Jean Baptists

He is now considered the “Father” of Chicago, and has a statue right near the hut he built.

(Sorry Obama, the title is already taken.)

And to think, this happened long before affirmative action.

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Nobody’s Fool: Trey Gowdy

Nobody’s Fool

We needed a real bulldog to prosecute the four deaths in Benghazi, and Trey is perfect for the job. In this press conference, he goes after reporters, who have up to this point, let the whole Benghazi scandal slide.

Watch, and enjoy!

Congratulations Trey Gowdy! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week! Go get em!

(Thanks to amfortas)

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If We Don’t Fight For Our Own Lives…Who Will?

Nobody Wins

Today, on the radio a sweet voice reported the latest news on doctors: Accordingly, cancer treatments are too expensive, so they have devised (they being Obamacare) three options that a doctor can use, and IF he used one of those options to treat cancer, for every patient who gets one of those state approved treatments, he personally will receive..$350.000. She went on to say that treating each person as an individual is much more expensive. (And they won’t get paid.)Obamacare granny

Welcome to Obamacare: Where the doctors all have to only charge what Obama lets them, thereby losing money, and to make UP for money lost, they will be tempted to LET that cancer patient die.

Today I was talking to a good friend who is about to get knee surgery. She is on a certain type of Iron, and she was telling me about her trip to the doctor today”

“Nobody knew who I was, or where my records were!” she said.

As she explained the long wait, and the office’s confusion, she told me they told HER, that since they had to all learn the new computer system (Obamacare) nobody could find anything.

So, she gets home, and finds out, that the iron pills they gave her… are not the same. She calls her doctor, and to make a long story short, the iron pills she was on are no longer available. There’s a big shortage, or they’ve been discontinued, and there IS no substitute.

(I guess she could chew on the real thing.)

She needs to be on these Iron pills for at least a month before her knee operation. Therefore, the operation will have to be delayed until she can refill those Iron pills. Of course, this will greatly affect her life and the plans she has for the rest of the year.

And this brings me to the veterans.

Tonight the Congress is holding a hearing on the veterans being put on long waiting lists, simply because administrators wanted to make bonus. Over a hundred vets died waiting for care.

Did these people who got those bonues KNOW that the vets could die? Probably.Obamacare, vets

And yet, nobody will admit that, that like the veterans… people are just going to die on Obamacare.

Once again…it’s a planned holocaust. Somebody has to start saying it.

Do we not care for our own lives?

When the Jews got on the trains, I’m convinced that even though many of them might have suspected while they were standing in line to be killed by gas, many of them hoped that there really WAS a fresh shower and new clothes waiting for them.

Human nature being what it is, it’s hard to imagine any group of people systematically killing another, especially when greeted by a lie.

This Nobody REALLY believes, that Obama care is a holocaust to cull the population, the old, the sick. It’s just a tiptoe of a massacre and it’s being served up with a “Here’s a nice shower after your trian ride” smile.

And the American people cannot even dream that their own government would do that to them.

Deprive them of life.

The proof that it IS the plan, is that every rich Congressman has exempted himself from it. Do you hear any complaints about that? Nope. Me neither.

The silence is as chilling as a cold shower.

To the men at the top, culling the old, and bringing in the young, is necessary to keep the corporation called ‘America’ alive. They won’t say it out loud, but when are people going to believe that there is no shower on the other side of Obamacare?

Only a grave.

If it is NOT repealed, the only hope any of the nobodies have is to keep healthy, and that’s not easy in this economy.

The Obamacare reaper is waiting for us all. If we don’t fight for our own lives now, who will? Obamacare, kill it


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Pick Your Google

Nobody Wonders

Somebody took a survey of what each state Google’s the most. My state likes to go to the Family Circus. Texas has a lot of sex. California should be more worried about fires, than meat, but that shows you the IQ of the state. Las Vegas–tattoo removal…I can see that. Rhode Island: Beer Pong? (It must have been a really hard winter.) They are still searching for God in Alabama, And Alaska, still is short of women. Elvis is alive in Tennessee…

So, what does YOUR state Google?

google searches

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Wisdom is Knowing What the HECK They Are All DOING!

Nobody Knows

Socrates: Wisdom is knowing how little you know.

While we are all trying to figure out why nobody would help the pleas of two people who said their son was going nuts, and might kill some people, it’s a great time for the rich elites of the world to get together at the Marriott in Copenhagen, don’t you think? Copenhagen

Once again, it’s that time of year, where the rich and mighty gather together in secret to plan everyone’s lives. While many think Alex Jones is a bit…annoying, ( I really think he might want to get rid of that bullhorn) It’s true that nobody was talking about why the most powerful men where meeting in secret every single year, except Alex, who to his credit, has been reporting on that meeting for years.

And if you read this list of attendees for 2014, and you don’t get a bit even a little bit skeptical about what these men are up to, then I’d say…

Don’t Worry, Be Happy. There are still reruns of Gilligan’s Island on cable!

Alex was releasing secrets about the elites of the world, LONG before Edward Snowdon came along…

And speaking of Edward Snowdon:

Nobody Knew he was a government spy who had worked for the CIA, but now we know, Bryan Williams got the exclusive interview with him—Snowden interview

He told Williams he has worked undercover overseas for the Central Intelligence Agency and for the National Security Agency. He also worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency as a lecturer at the Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy where he says he developed sources and methods for keeping American information and people secure in the most hostile and dangers environments in the world.

So in that case, how do we know that this whole thing wasn’t rigged just to let the America People know, in a more controlled way, that the government was going to monitor them forevermore, and they should just get used to it?

Well we don’t. But, we do know that Obama made Snowdon out to be some little college boy computer hacker, when in fact, he was high level intelligence.

That Obama…such a kidder!

And speaking of kidders—- Hillary is definitely running for President. Her new book, goes full ‘BS” I want to be President mode…here’s a bit of the normal political garbage gobbledygook from the book Hillary no doubt paid someone to write for her:Hillary hard choices

“What’s true in our daily lives is also true at the highest levels of government. Keeping America safe, strong, and prosperous presents an endless set of choices, many of which come with imperfect information and conflicting imperatives.(I like how she gives herself excuses for her screw-ups here) … As Secretary of State I thought of our choices and challenges in three categories: The problems we inherited, including two wars and a global financial crisis; the new, often unexpected events and emerging threats, from the shifting sands of the Middle East (shifting sands? Really Hillary, so poetic) to the turbulent waters of the Pacific to the uncharted terrain of cyberspace; and the opportunities presented by an increasingly networked world (Yes, there’s that New World Order you guys love) that could help lay the foundation for American prosperity and leadership in the 21st century.

And WHY should we trust you again Hillary?

“All of us face hard choices in our lives,” Hillary Rodham Clinton writes at the start of this personal chronicle of years at the center of world events. “Life is about making such choices. Our choices and how we handle them shape the people we become.”

And we all know YOUR choice was to stay with a serial rapist in hopes that one day it would lead you to the White House. Wow. That’s a choice most of us wouldn’t have made. Where did you two really meet…at a Bilderberg meeting?

Supposedly the book sold over one million on Mother’s Day, and YET, it’s not made it into the top 100 on Amazon, so somewhere in some basement, lay a truckload of Hillary’s new book.

Nobody Knows who bought them, but I bet they will be popping up all over Iowa!

And about that popping up stuff:

Some poor people in Chicago are going to be delighted with their new Ipads from with Ipad

CHICAGO (AP) –  Around 140 iPads worth more than $70,000 have been stolen from an elementary school on Chicago’s West Side.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that burglary happened around 1 a.m. Monday at Charles Hughes Elementary School in the North Lawndale neighborhood.

According to the police report, at least two people broke into the school by shattering a window. Officers also found a window shattered in a second-floor room where safes were strewn about.

The school’s principal reported the stolen iPads to police and said they were valued at $70,500.

Hopefully, whoever gets sold one of these computers on the black market knows how to use one, because Nobody suspects that Ipads are being given to kids because THEY CANT WRITE! Nobody Knows whose going to pay for these stolen IPads, but it’s not going to be the poor kids in Africa, who could never afford one.

And speaking of affording..

Good news! The rich are helping the housing market!

As the housing recovery now moves in fits and still-weak starts, the super-pricey segment is sizzling. Sales of the most expensive 1 percent of homes in the U.S. are up 21 percent this year, according to a report from Redfin, a Seattle-based real estate brokerage. Sales in the remaining 99 percent are down 7.6 percent.

What does this mean? The Kardashinans will be buying another five houses, and as for the rest of us, if you have a house, odds are, you won’t be moving.

Nobody Knows why they left out all the foreigners buying house, because my neighborhood is turning into little Kabul.

And so, we end another week of ignorant bliss, wisely admitting all that we do not know…with words of wisdom from another famous heavy thinker, who actually knows quite a bit:

President Theodore Roosevelt said that his foreign policy was to “speak softly and carry a big stick.” President Barack Obama’s foreign policy is to speak loudly and carry a little stick. They say talk is cheap, but loose talk by a president of the United States can be very expensive in both blood and treasure. —Thomas Sowell

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Global Warming Issue is So Pressing, Royals Forget Their Underwear

Nobody ReportsPrince Charles

If you want to know who is at the top of the ‘crony capitalistic pig’ bozo tree…he’s come out again.

The soon to be King of England, Prince Charles, who, in front of a meeting with all his powerful, rich, elite buddies, just warned them that if they didn’t act like the tyrants they were all meant to be, the world would collapse:

“… We can choose to act now before it is finally too late, using all of the power and influence that each of you can bring to bear to create an inclusive, sustainable and resilient society,” he said in a speech in London to a conference entitled Inclusive Capitalism.

He added: “There will, of course, be hard choices to make, and, take it from me, in the short term, you will not be popular with your peers, but if you stand firm and take the kind of action that is needed, I have every confidence the rewards will be immense.”

“Rewards will be immense.” No kidding. They all are in line to make trillions.

This Nobody would like to know…”sustainable for who?” Climate Change is all about more control and more mega-bucks in fewer hands.John Kerry

Prince Charles is right…the regular Nobody on the street is going to be furious at the government of the world forcing us little nobodies into more slavery and loss of property.

And then when billions parish from hunger…and the world’s climate hasn’t changed, what will they say then? “Oh, we did what was right.”

Not to let Prince Charles get all the limelight, in the U. S. we have our own village idiot. John Kerry is carrying on the fine tradition of leaders scaring the masses to death to get MORE money and to control them.

“And I know it’s hard to feel the urgency as we sit here on an absolutely beautiful morning in Boston,’ Kerry said, ‘you might not see climate change as an immediate threat to your job, your communities or your families.

‘But let me tell you, it is.’

If the U.S. does not act, ‘and it turns out that the critics and the naysayers and the members of the Flat Earth Society – if it turns out that they’re wrong, then we are risking nothing less than the future of the entire planet,’ Kerry told graduates of the Massachusetts college and their families.”

Personally, I prefer the “Alien have landed and we must unit to save the world!” fear story that Bill Clinton would prefer, but that’s me.

In the meantime, the royal family continues to flash just how low-class they really are:

Kate's butt

What? Kate can’t afford to buy underwear? Has Global Warming made her just to hot to bear wearing clothes?

Does she need a bigger butt?

Until England falls into the sea, at least we can be assured of more Royal Family shenanigans making us all wonder….Maybe the mudbloods should take over.

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Nobody’s Perfect: The White House VS the Veteran Administration

Nobody’s Perfect

This week we have the White House VS the Veteran Administrationcartton of vets

First up: Our poor suffering Vets. Last week, it was found out that over 40 veterans died while waiting for care, and this important news couldn’t have come at a better time, right before Memorial Day.

Obama had to rush right over to Afghanistan to make it look liked he ‘cared.’

The inspector general at the Veterans Affairs Department says 26 VA facilities nationwide are under investigation, including the Phoenix hospital at the center of allegations about treatment delays and secret waiting lists intended to hide delays in care.

And it gets worse: At least 350,000 veterans of wars before those in Iraq and Afghanistan have outstanding appeals of benefits decisions, according to VA records.

The VA Secretary, Eric Shinseki, STILL has his job: But, like his good friend Obama, he is still proud:

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki said last week he is proud of the reduced backlog in benefit claims and will keep pushing for the department to improve. “As I testified before Congress on May 15,” Shinseki said in a statement, “I take any allegations about patient safety or employee misconduct very seriously. The reports of veterans’ negative experiences while seeking VA care are of great personal concern to me.”

Gee…all those spouses of the dead vets are really glad to hear you have ‘concerns.”Erick Shinseki

And then, another big “error’ (or was it?) was made by the White House.

Here’s a few paragraphs from various reports:

The White House made a big mistake over the weekend, accidentally revealing the name of the CIA’s top officer in Kabul in a prepared list of U.S. officials who were taking part in a briefing related to President Barack Obama‘s surprise visit to Afghanistan.

After it went out to thousands of recipients, Washington Post reporter Scott Wilson noticed the peculiar CIA title — one that is not generally used in public releases. He inquired with White House press officials to see if including the name was a mistake and discovered that it was.

The CIA and White House have not officially commented on the matter.

The accidental disclosure of the identity of the top CIA agent in Afghanistan by the Obama administration could affect operations in that country — even target the entire unit for assassination by the Taliban, political operatives said Monday. The reporter who distributes the pool report generally sends it to the White House to be checked for factual accuracy and then forwards it to the thousands of journalists on the email distribution list. In this case, the White House failed on at least two occasions to recognize that the CIA official’s name was being revealed and circulated so broadly. But the person in Kabul is absolutely furious that his or her cover has been blown,” Hoekstra said. “When you compare that to where Valerie Plame was to the station chief in Kabul, there is no comparison — in terms of scale and in terms of importance.”

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the Week?

Is it Eric Shinseki, who it seems, has never set foot in any veteran hospital or even answered his mail?obama tyrant

Or is it the Obama dweebs at the White House, who basically put in danger, dozens of CIA operatives, who at any moment will be killed by the Taliban?

Obama wins, again. And he has the audacity to attack Edward Snowden.

Frankly…in the words of Clark Gable, he just doesn’t give a damn about any of us.

In a more sane world, he would be tried for treason.

I know others who write blogs are very careful about the words they use to criticize the man, but my “nice” vocabulary is running thin.

(Warning…future description of our “President” might not be so…benevolent. ) After six years of listing his ‘imperfections.” I’m ready to give him a permanent place on the Nobody’s Perfect Award, just because he’s such a $&%-up.

Is Obama really that incompetent? Or he is brilliantly carrying on his big plan to fundamentally change America?

Well, you know what I think.


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Today…We Honor.

vets thanksVets thanks 2

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If Not for the NRA, Chris Would Be Alive! According to Dad.

Nobody Flashes

Typical. The father of the narcissistic kid who hated women because he wasn’t getting the attention he thought he deserved, decides to blame the NRA for his son’s killing rampage. Will we find out if his ‘therapist’ had him on drugs?Chris the killer

His father said this:

Why did Chris die? Chris died because of craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA. They talk about gun rights, what about Chris’ right to live?” he continued.

“When will this insanity stop?” he said. “When will enough people say, stop this madness, we don’t have to live like this? Too many have died. We should say to ourselves — not one more.”

His father made a film…where people kill with bows and arrows….which ‘kill’ people too.

Chris had a right to live?

Dad is obviously a big liberal who gave everything in the world to his son, but wisdom

While I don’t believe you can blame parents when their children go berserk, (most severe mental illness is just not anyone’s fault) a man with class would have apologized to the people who lost loved ones.

All THIS guy could think of was his loss. This kid was so screwed up, if he couldn’t find guns, he would have thought of another way.

Like father…like son. I am not posting the kid’s video because frankly, it’s boring.

So sad.


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The Universe in a Mockingbird’s Song

Nobody Flashes

Did anybody get to see the meteor shower last night? I went out…looked up in the sky for about 15 minutes, and saw…nothing. Just the usual.

But the universe didn’t disappoint. One lone mockingbird was singing at the top of his lungs, in the silence at 2 in the morning. He was a block over and sang like he was singing to the universe and every star above his head in the sky.

I missed the meteorite show, but not even a song by the greatest voices on earth… could have sounded as sweet as that little bird.

Good Morning! And…Enjoy!


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The Reason That They Will Attack Drudge

Nobody Reads

Anyone who has been around for a while, knows that most cities, long ago, had two or more competing newspapers in their town. Here in St. Louis, the Post Dispatch (liberal) put the GLOBE (conservative) paper out of business long ago. Unions.

And now, the newspapers are dying. Here’s a few facts from the May Issue of Vanity Fair:The Post

Jeff Bezos bought the failing Washington Post for only $250 million.

The Tribune Company paid $8.3 billion for the Los Angeles Times, and several smaller papers. Today the Tribune Company wants to sell all its newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune itself, and can’s see to find a buyer at any price.

The New York Times Company bought The Boston Globe in 1993 for $1.1 billion and sold it for $70 million in 2013.

But…while the great newspaper men are trying to convince everyone that it was the internet that destroyed their monopolies, the fact is: America just stopped buying the liberal crap.

I stopped getting the Post because I was sick and tired of reading about the starving in Africa, and how it was up to me to save them all.

They are hoping…to be able to charge people online, and if I didn’t buy the Post Dispatch before, why on earth would I pay for it online? Obama simply must get ahold of the internet, because nobody is reading their crappy newspapers anymore. The New York Times

The real fact is, they don’t want to admit that too much of the country, despite years of liberal propaganda, is still conservative.

Is it any wonder Obama keeps begging Hollywood for money? This is why Obama will put every effort into controlling the content of the internet, and that’s the only place the people have a voice.

The Lady Graham…is gone.

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Now, If He Could JUST Get Rid of that Structural Defect…

Nobody Flashes

You might remember last week, I posted a bit of the New Constitution that our government spent 25 million to draw up, but didn’t bother telling anyone about it.Obama and Holder tear

Besides giving most all power to the President…here’s what they want to do with the Senate:

Article VI: The Legislative Branch

There shall be a Senate with membership as follows: If they so desire, former Presidents, Vice President, Principal Justices, Overseers, Chairman of the Planning and Regulatory Boards, Governors having had more than seven years service and unsuccessful candidates for the president and Vice Presidency who have received at least 30- percent of the vote. To be appointed by the President, three persons who have been Chancellors, two officials from the civil service, two official it from the diplomatic services, two senior military officers, also one person from a panel of three elected in a process approved by the Overseer, by each of twelve such groups or association as the President may recognize from time to time to be nationally representative, but none shall be a political or religious group, no individual selected shall have been paid by any private interest to influence government, and any association objected to by the Senate shall not be recognized.

Section 2: Membership shall continue for life.

So, by this new Constitution, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, George Bush, Dick Cheney could all become Senators for life. Also, judges, and Overseers (a new office—sort of a Rahm Emanuel job, who controls just about everything and obeys the President.) could stay there too.

But Governors…well, they are not allowed unless they have served seven years. Too many Republican Governors run for office I guess.

And then the President gets to appoint all the rest. Thirteen or more to the Senate. In other words the Senate is NOT elected but filled with career politician, half of whom are picked by the President.

And they are there for life. Can’t get rid of them.

Sounds like one President could pick everyone from his own family…to stack the deck in the Senate.Obama and liberty

Obama today, bitched about how unfair it was, that every state got two Senators. That’s the point of a Republic…it’s so the little guy in Idaho gets as much representation as the big rich elites in New York, the founders did NOT want a democracy. Obama says,

“Obviously, the nature of the Senate means that California has the same number of Senate seats as Wyoming. That puts us at a disadvantage,” Mr. Obama said. So there are some structural reasons why, despite the fact that Republican ideas are largely rejected by the public, it’s still hard for us to break through.” 

What? You can’t get complete control? The founders were smart guys.

And that’s exactly what it was suppose to do. Would it be fair for New York and California to run the country?

No. And that’s why Obama is trashing the constitution.

Getting him to leave is not going to be pretty.

Next thing you know, Obama will be saying we need to rewrite the Constitution.

Wait…isn’t that what he is saying? Yep.


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