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Obama Declares All National Parks Must Honor…GAYS.

Nobody Flashes

“What ARE they doing?” I asked my husband.

We were walking a trail in our local park last summer, when we came upon a clearing. One man was obviously, ‘pleasuring’ another. Both of them were almost naked.

Not exactly  what we wanted to see. Actually, it was pretty gross.

My husband went into shock. Evidently, something in his DNA said “RUN!” We got out of there pretty fast, and haven’t been back which is a shame because we like that park.

So, Nobody Wonders, if that’s WHY Obama picked the National Park system to celebrate gays? After all, every city has its “gay” park. Where they have sex in the bathrooms, and hang out. Just ask George Michael’s, who made it so much of a habit they had to finally arrest obama

I mean REALLY. Can’t they get a hotel room like everybody else?

Obama I’m sure, couldn’t get Congress to fork out the money to build a monument next to Martin Luther King for the gay community, so this is the best he could come up with. After all, that very famous historical gay man….from American history deserves to be honored…you know…that one gay guy..uh…

Uh..yes,…wait…who was that? What was his name? Can YOU think of any gay men who did wonderful things for America? An American gay hero?

Ben Franklin?

George Washington?


Uh..Mmmmm. Well, maybe someday Obama will be honored by the gay community with his very own statue in the middle of Washington D.C. as the man who promoted and helped the “gays” of America. After all, he put the ‘gay’ back in the military.

The way things are going, that’s about the ONLY thing Barry will be honored for.

Personally, I sure hope Reggie gets to be with him in that place of honor.

Is this stupid or what? The kids now have to get a lesson in “gayness” when they are looking at the Grand Canyon?

Have you noticed nobody mentioned any names of these famous gays that have contributed to America?

Guess we are just going to have to ask our local park rangers what exactly did gay people do to build America, who no doubt, will all now be…gay.

Stay AWAY from the restrooms. Really, It almost makes you want to gross THEM out and just start doing our business in the woods.


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Nobody’s Fool: Pat Buchanan

Nobody’s Fool

He’s called a right-wing conservative nut, but when it comes to the “big picture”, Hillary could take some lessons from Pat Buchanan.

I’ve read many of his books, and he explains our dire situation that America is in with facts and solid numbers.

I wanted to share this piece he wrote on WMD in my files. It’s called, How the GOP Lost Middle America.

Here’s an excerpt:

To understand why and how the Republican Party lost Middle America, and faces demographic death, we need to go back to Bush I.

At the Cold War’s end, the GOP reached a fork in Pat Buchannanthe road. The determination of Middle Americans to preserve the country they grew up in suddenly collided with the profit motive of Corporate America.

The Fortune 500 wanted to close factories in the USA and ship production abroad – where unions did not exist, regulations were light, taxes were low, and wages were a fraction of what they were here in America.

Corporate America was going global and wanted to be rid of its American workforce, the best paid on earth, and replace it with cheap foreign labor.

While manufacturing sought to move production abroad, hotels, motels, bars, restaurants, farms and construction companies that could not move abroad also wanted to replace their expensive American workers.

Thanks to the Republican Party, Corporate America got it all.

Read the rest of this excellent article here:

Congratulations Pat! Everything you have predicted in your books is coming true. At the helm of our politicians, America is falling….

You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the decade.

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