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Mars…Needs Al Gore

Nobody CaresMars

Where’s Al Gore today? Let’s send him an email, because it was reported today that due to global warming, Mars is in serious trouble. I don’t know what terrible gas sucking cars are doing to that poor planet’s atmosphere but it was actually warmer on Mars yesterday, than here.:

Time to stop remarking about how unearthly cold it is outside because on Thursday, Mars was actually warmer than many parts of the U.S. 

The daytime high in the red planet’s Gale Crater, as recorded by NASA’s curiosity Rover, was 17.6 degrees F – a whopping 11 degrees warmer than the 6-degree high in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

Temperatures in fourteen states from Washington to Maine reported temperatures colder than Mars, as a brutal blast of Arctic air sweeps the country

Obama will have to put this in his state of the Union Speech…because global warming is now not just the only problem on this planet—Clearly Mars needs to pay some carbon taxes too.

Imagine if an EMP hit above the U.S. right now…with three more months to go of these global warming sub-zero temperatures?

Okay. Let’s not. Right now, I’m having a hard time imagining next month’s gas and electric bills, which thank to Obama, have necessarily skyrocket.




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