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Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder: What Difference Does It Make?

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Exactly WHEN are our Congressmen going to grow some real patriotic guts and stand up to Obama? They don’t have to appoint this woman, and they all know she is Eric Holder’s update.

This speech phony, so fake, shows that she will be the long arm of Obama, and plans to use the race card, just as Holder did, whenever possible.

“Few things have pained me more than the recent reports of tension and division between law enforcement and the communities we serve,” Lynch said, pledging to “work to strengthen the vital relationships” if confirmed.


She swears to uphold the office? Well, Obama swore to uphold the Constitution….and he’s basically treated it as toilet paper.

So, when is our ‘new’ Congress going to do their job? Probably…not in our lifetime. They dare not confirm her because she’s not only black, she’s a woman.

The title to this video should be: Obama: If you want to KEEP your Attorney General being your right hand man for persecuting your enemies…you can

Really, I’m so mad at this today I could just spit on their future graves.

Hopefully, I’ll outlive them all. 🙂

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