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George W. Bush, unlike Obama, was CLEAR on the danger.


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George W. Bush, predicted what would happen should we leave Iraq. And while we’ve heard Obama say the United States is safe from ISIS, just last week, his homeland security director warned the people in Minnesota that they MIGHT want to be careful if they went to the Mall Of America, because ISIS is calling for their members to attack.

So…keep that in mind while the democrats SCREAM that our national security will be affected if the Republicans refuse to ‘fund’ national security¬†in order to stop Obama’s illegal immigration executive orders.

In the words of Hillary Clinton…

“What difference does it make?” Obama has opened our borders, and now, more Muslims are flooding into the country than Mexicans.

We aren’t protected by Homeland Security NOW. Not funding Homeland Security isn’t going to make us any safer at all.

What a joke. And Obama is on full attack, blaming HIS actions of putting the American people in great danger once again, on the Republicans who should be screaming back, and who should stand united.

But, the globalists in the party, run it. So, the opera goes on. It’s clear: the people running Obama are just better at deception.


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