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It’s Nobody’s Secret That I Like Donald Trump

Nobody Reports

Well…HE DID IT! 

And boy, did he send some mighty big shock waves through the party-controlled media.

After his speech, FOX sort of just pushed off talking about it, and CNN didn’t even mention it.

Rush Limbaugh said he laughed all through it.

I thought it was a great speech. But then, who am I?  Just a Nobody…sorry Rush. For all the great founding documents (and I am of course as proud of that as any) the REAL reason America became so great is because of the great wealth we created from the start…and Donald is right. America needs to get rich again.

Maybe Rush should get off the golf courses too, and look around.

This vast land…gave the simple man who came over from Europe…all he needed to have to build, to invent, to create, to exceed, to become the biggest winners on the planet.

And our politicians, have taken all that away. Year by year. Inch by inch. They are choking us…and Obama is daily shaming us.

Donald showed….REAL passion. Everybody else looks like they rehearsed for months just to say a simple line off their notes.

Okay, it’s no secret I like Donald….and want to know something else? I’ve never seen his show…but I HAVE read his books…and he is the real deal.

Now, let’s see what all the other guys have to offer..right?


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