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Nobody’s Fool: Ben Carson

Nobody’s Fool

I thought it only fitting to post Ben Carson’s side of the story about how Ted Cruz stole his votes to give himself the victory in Iowa.

The fact that Ted Cruz did not do any of the things that Dr. Carson suggested in this video, tells you that Ted Cruz gave the go ahead for the act of stealing his votes. (And Glenn Beck was right by his side pushing him on to it I would imagine. )

You can be sure, being a lawyer, Ted not only knew how to handle it all, but how to spin it. Like Hillary, he just blamed it on outside sources and never personally took the blame, and then mocked Trump as a ‘child’ for even complaining about it.

It’s how Washington works. And Ben Carson, assumed that someone who presented himself as God-fearing, Jesus-loving, and justice-loving man, would never resort to such a thing.

He was sorely wronged.

To his credit, he is staying in the race to fight.

Today on FOX, I heard a judge say that actually doing what Ted did in Iowa IS a felony under the law, but all the politicians do it, so it’s never prosecuted.

And that’s why Ted Cruz should just stay in the Senate. He fits right in.

So..while it’s poor consolation Mr. Carson, Nobody awards you the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week. Thank you for continuing to point out the corruption that rules us all.

And good luck in New Hampshire! This nobody hopes you come in second.



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