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The Misery of Tim Kaine

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Wow. Mike Pence delivered the most “Presidential” debate of the election so far tonight. Beanie Boy Tim Kaine was rude, insufferable, rehearsed, and full of well-written attack lies. The one that was especially vicious was the rant of Donald’s own words, words when heard in context of the moment, made perfect sense, but when taken OUT of context and put into a whole slew of verbal pornography, sounds ridiculous. Words like: pig, dog, rapist.kiaine-and-pence

The democrats., many of them who deserved those descriptions, love more sophisticated words like: deplorable, irredeemable, islamophobic, and racist. It makes them feel soooooooooooooo  superior.

The working man, gets right to the point: Pig. Dog. Rapist. Just because Hillary loves to cuss out people in private with those very same words, does not mean that she never says them herself. The Secret Service have all attested to her foul bad mouth.

But, it’s all they got: attack his speech.

For instance: Everybody knows that one reporter once asked Trump that IF abortion was illegal, (the key word here is IF) would Donald Trump arrest the woman who had an abortion? Answering the question that he was asked he answered, “Yes” If that was the law, “yes.”  Guess what? That’s the right answer.

Kaine then takes that ‘answer’ out of context and says that Donald Trump would put in jail any woman who had an abortion, and he was planning on going door to door to grab poor Hispanics and throw them out of the country. It was all typical, twisted, lies meant to bring in the voter.

Donald said rapist are coming across our border. They are! He did not say all Mexicans are rapists. But according to Kaine…yes…he did.kathy-bates

That’s a lie.

Kaine came off like Kathy Bates in Stephen King’s Misery. I was waiting for him to pull out a hatchet.

There was no doubt the only man tonight that should even be near the Presidency was Mike Pence.

The debate was a score for the Trumpsters.

But here’s my concern.

I was talking to a young man today, who said that although he WANTED to vote for Trump, he thought that his vote didn’t matter., they were going to rig the election and put Hillary in. He said where he worked, all ten women were going to vote for Hillary, and that included his boss, who was a man. He told me that since he just couldn’t lie, he couldn’t vote, because THEN when his democratic customers asked him who he voted for, he would have to tell them and they would walk away from the sale. He was even sure that if his boss knew he liked Trump, he might even be fired.

“So tell me,” I asked. “Why ARE these rich democrats so stupid?”

His answer was that they had been brainwashed since childhood, and since THEY were doing well, they could care less, and didn’t really care about all the other people who were suffering.

So, there really are a lot of stupid people out there, and I must admit, I have been having a very hard time believing that so many people could be so VERY stupid, but according to this young man, there are.

We can only hope; America has a Brexit moment.

Now. When is SOMEBODY going to bring up Benghazi?


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