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Nobody’s Fool: Archie Bunker

Nobody’s Fool

I remember when I found out that a flaming liberal wrote the Archie Bunker show to show the United States what a MORON Archie Bunker was. But…poor guy. Most of the United States related to everything he said.  Most of the United States thought Archie Bunker was them.

In case you are too young to remember Archie Bunker, it was our SNL sitcom of the 1960’s. And Archie was its star. The sitcom was called, “All in the Family.”

Listening to this I thought of the conversation I had with my brother today–we were talking about the upcoming election and the horrible price of food, really, how expensive our groceries were.

“Gas is the ONLY thing that is affordable now, and the rich are all worried how the oil stocks are losing money. Well &$% their stocks! They don’t have to drive around and work like all the rest of us. “

He thought that no matter what, Hillary would be put in by the elites, and there wasn’t a thing we could do about it. He was warning that after she got in, we were going to be hit with the biggest taxes in history HIS small business would be toast. Gone. It would be worse than the first depression. We would have communism.communism-monopoly

Archie Bunker would agree. In this video he states the facts that the Democrats will lead us all into the poor house. And they have: 93 million people are still unemployed, and most all jobs filled in the last year went to immigrants.

As I walked around the block today, I noticed that one of my neighbors, who has a house full of adopted kids (2 blacks, 2 Chinese, 1 white baby, and four others) had TEN Hillary/Kaine signs on their yard. TEN. Union signs too.

I guess they’re afraid that if Trump gets in, they will lose half their income. That’s a very lucrative adoption agency they have going on.

Can I admit that I will have a very hard time being nice to these people? Can I do the “Jesus” thing and just forgive them for being idiots? OR…should I put a Trump sign on my lawn and maybe have my house attacked? Democrats are famous for attacking Trump signs.

What would Archie Bunker do? Archie Bunker wouldn’t do anything but complain. As I remember, he was a soft-hearted man, who simply loved his country. Pretty much like I’m doing. Imagine Archie Bunker, after watching the Kaine/Pence debate last night…what would he have said on Twitter?

Here’s an imaginary Twitter remark of Archie Bunker:

” I would have punched that moron in the face! They’re all a bunch of commies!”

In fact, there were probably a million guys out in America who WANTED Pence to do exactly that. Sorry Mr. Lear.

And who would have thought that Norman Lear, a flying liberal, would contribute to the American conservative party, by inventing such an endearing character?

Yep, Archie Bunker was no fool. So, tonight, we can be thankful that a liberal actually gave us something to remember.

Archie Bunker. An American National Treasure.

May he never die.

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