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Nobody Flashes Greta the Teenage Viking of Baloney

Nobody’s Opinion


Sounds so innocent doesn’t it? By the looks of her she walked right off the yodel mountain. Heidi she’s not. More like the big bad wolf turned into a monster of a child.

Greta. Time Magazine’s person of the year. And she’s only been on stage for a month.

Go figure. By the way, let’s not forget Adolf Hitler made that same title.

Yes, with all that has happened in the world, the most blatant example of the elite’s globalists wanting to reach into all of our pockets to pay for their global socialism is a 16-year-old…(Is she 16?) be careful not to say a word because she’s an autistic, spoiled brat. And she looks more like eleven.

Sorry. No manners or brains whatsoever from this kid. Notice, her big speech where she blasts the leaders of the world for daring to ruin her future. Notice, that if she was TRULY autistic, she wouldn’t have to read her big rant.

To most of us, she’s being used, and coached, to be an actress next to Tom Hanks. Watch her speech. Her dad, is an actor. Her mom, an Opera singer.

Like Obama winning the Nobel peace prize right after his election, Greta has done nothing to earn that reward, but be a favorite pick of the next elite’s meeting at Bilderberg. They are the ones grooming her and promoting her.

How DO we save the world? Oh my. Get the kids scared to death.

Does she know what she is really saying? I doubt it. What’s important to Greta is that she has a lot of elites helping to pay for her food, her expenses, her very scripted trip around the world….come on. Who is paying for all her trips all over the globe? 

Where are her parents? Where did she get the MONEY to eat all on her own?

They pulled this same stunt this with Michael J. Fox, only he wasn’t young. He was a well-loved actor who wanted to find a cure for his MS. So, they paid him big bucks, and he purposely shook so much when he spoke, and got everyone’s sympathy. The PR was so effective that Congress passed the right to use stem cell research to find a cure.

Nobody Wonders: Was it because of that bill—was that why it’s now actually LEGAL for Planned Parenthood to make millions of dollars (buying themselves luxury cars) while selling aborted baby parts? Hearts, lungs, eyes, all the parts of that aborted baby, make the leaders of Planned Parenthood a lot of money. And I bet, those baby body parts are WORTH much more on the open market if they take the baby at 9 months. Or even AFTER it’s born? Has anybody even mentioned that those organs would make money for the hospital?

Did it help Michael? Nobody Knows.

They are using Greta to not only scare the kids of the world, but to MAKE the parents accept the fact that the elites WANT U.S. Citizens to fund their social programs all over the world. It’s reported that Greta is so smart she is making her own parents give up meat and traveling. Right. Sure. Uh. Okay.

Greta wants green energy: more Windmills, using ridiculous technology that will put us all back in the dark ages. What they REALLY want is to take us off the roads, so we can’t get to them. All those pesky people driving everywhere.

I get the feeling they’d love us all to be in tiny little apartments. In the meantime, their mansions will get bigger, and bigger.

And they want us to stop eating meat.

So, Mr. President, thank you for tweeting that little Greta should chill.

And for bringing out Michelle Obama to protect the little darling, who has admitted she would love to put you up against a wall and shoot you. Where’s the #tag SaveOurGretaFromTrump, Michelle?

You know she’s just a child. It’s really the elites still freaking out about their global government dreams going down the drains, and they’ve found the face that can express THEIR anger, because we can’t attack her.

She’s a child. and autistic.

God Bless our President, he told her to go watch a movie and chill.

And Greta? You, my little angry munchkin, are no Shirley Temple. And by the way…..aren’t you a little old to be wearing pigtails?

Somewhere in America, James Comey is standing in a field of snow and ice, and mad that Time, didn’t pick him.


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