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Nobody Cares

Here we are, on the verge of the complete destruction of our own country, where MOST of our rights have been destroyed, with all but one or two left–and as you can see from this video, only the people who are following the news seem to care. To see all these people who didn’t even KNOW who the governor of California was, it was astounding.

Or, is that true? Sadly, half of these people don’t CARE about the changes that have happened to California because, HEY, their life is great! No problem. Just stay away from the homeless…go to the beach.

So, what causes this “Don’t worry, be happy” attitude?

It’s ingrained in the “ME” generation. As long as I’m okay, I don’t care.

EXAMPLE: I recently wrote about how here in North County of St. Louis, we all got a notice in the mail for an upcoming vote ..on just ONE issue: Should property taxes go up to pay for all community college tuitions, AND teachers pay, AND infrastructure for all the new students that will be flooding the area?

I told all the old gals at my local summer swim, to READ that very, small print. I couldn’t read it without a powerful magnifying glass. I was instantly attacked by one lady, (The one who hates me and lives across the street.) for trying to influence the vote. In fact, I was just TRYING to GET them to the polling booth. I knew most people would look at that small print and think..”Well, there’s only one thing on the ballot” I’ll go swimming.

The next day, the news was that 58 percent passed it. Since half of the people work for the government, and most of them were black, with lots of kids, that came as no surprise, since the other half of the people just didn’t bother to vote. When my husband and I went, there was no one there but the poll people.

And here’s the kicker. I heard them all upset at the pool. They gossip like old chickens, and they were SHOCKED because they had all gotten their property taxes already. How could they have risen so much!? All of them admitted that one issue didn’t deserve their time, and that’s why they just ignored it. They did not go to vote. (Shocker.)

Sure, I wanted to say something, but why?

My concern is why are people ignoring our own country going down the tubes? One by one, like the lights being shut down in a house, one city after another is being destroyed. New York, California, Oregon….Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, only the smaller towns are surviving and they are being swallowed up by Wal-Marts.

After thinking, I’ve come up with an answer: People that are very happy with their own lives, you know, got a job, secure, kids are great, don’t mind wearing the mask, etc, they actually don’t believe that America will EVER go into tyranny. They think, in their minds, everything in America will be fine. Nothing will happen to THEM. After all, it’s the propaganda and lies that they see every single day on TV. Nothing will happen. They have big screens, video games, lots of fatting food, and the lines at McDonalds, well, they think that will pass too. It will come back…Sure. Okay. They have trust in an America that will survive. …Yes, the rest of the United States could burn down, but not to worry, right?

Until too late.

Nobody thinks bad things will happen To THEM. Americans, are by nature, spoiled by their decades old freedoms, that they think will never be lost. And they are too stupid to know, just how many they have lost already.

They have a car, a home, a family, etc….Trump did good for 4 years, Biden will be gone in 4 years, and all will be fine again.

I’m sure the Jews didn’t think that they were be gassed as they stepped into the “showers.” Trillions upon TRILLIONS are being spent…what? Nothing will happen?

And that’s why, I think that IF there is still a country in 2024, nobody will even know it. Unless…something really bad happens to THEM. Afghanistan was overseas.

If we get hit again at home, as the RINOS seem to be hoping for….well…Nobody Wonders: Do we have enough Americans to stand up? What if we get another 911? Will your daughter be drafted? Your son?

It would HAVE to happen. Politicians don’t fight wars…they send YOUR kids to do it.

After watching this video, and knowing the dumbed down ladies at my pool…(All of them Christians) I must admit, I AM worried.

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