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The Huxley’s: God VS Man

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Recently, I received an email with an article saying Religion in America is being Hollowed out.

A New American Divinity – Part I: Scientism. (

Yes, it’s true. Church attendance is down, and it’s mostly the older generation who is still attending the services.  But it’s my Nobody Opinion that churches have been having a hard time for quite some time now.

In history, the church played a most important service to the community. Really, there WAS no 24/7 daily movie and TV cable networks, and hundreds of stations to watch. There were no cell phones, and one lived by their own crops and hard work. The church was as important as being able to load a gun and shoot. You needed the people in the community to survive. And when you felt you had God on your side, you had a powerful ally, which is one of the reasons the Muslims now feel victorious: they ARE up against a mostly Godless people. Churches everywhere in Western civilizations are vanishing, being replaced with cell phones and Facebook. And when you felt you had God on your side, you had a powerful ally, which is one of the reasons the Muslims feel victorious: they ARE up against a mostly Godless people. Churches everywhere in Western civilizations are vanishing, being replaced with cell phones and Facebook.

This gives them a very powerful advantage, don’t fool yourself.

John Adams said, only a moral and religious people could keep the freedoms that were given to them by the Constitution.

And boy, how far have we fallen in that respect. We let a devil of a man become the leader our country. A man with no soul whatsoever.

Cleary, the church has not kept many of it’s promises. The first pilgrims to America were fleeing persecution in England. The Catholic church had become as tyrannical as any dictator. Even in the last ten years, when it was found out just how MANY boys were sexually abused in the churches, the Catholic church…did nothing. Like most big institutions, they had grown so big and powerful the elites at the top become full of arrogance and corruption. While there were many good popes there were just as many bad ones. And now the church is ruled by a full-fledged communist. The flock are still trying to hang on to their own connections to the church and I guess, just ignoring the pope, and waiting for the next one.

But back to the article. In it, I was surprised to learn that Aldous Huxley had a brother who was just as influential, but in a different way, and his name was Julian.  


He worked to seize what he considered a constructive vision of eugenics from the jaws of Nazi race theory, trading out the more explicit word “race” for the phrase “ethnic groups.” While Huxley did not believe the unfit should be slaughtered, he did believe in separating them from society and discouraging their reproduction.

An Oxford-educated First World War veteran, Huxley’s main contention with Communism and Nazism seems to have been that they were destructive social movements of a religious nature, at odds with his desire to reconfigure the field of biology as a means of social reconstruction for a post-religious era. As the first Director-General of UNESCO, Huxley put population control on the agendas of the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and other international assemblies. 


Gee thanks, Julian. While Aldous was busy warning us about mind control, his brother was basically working for just that. He was one of the fathers of…well…abortion. Pretty much.

NO man has the right to decide another’s man’s fate. Moses taught us that. He taught us a lot of great things. And remember, Christ WAS a Jew.

The basis of Christ was all mankind was loved by God. And yet, most of the time, our leaders are out to destroy Christ. They use the cover of Christ to give and hold power. They twist the words of Christ to KEEP the masses IN their power.

Many of the priests now are accepting these horrible woke rules, playing on their flock’s ‘compassion’ which is destroying the very church itself.  Bringing the Muslims into their “loving” embrace.

ALL Muslims grow up from birth believing ONLY Allah is God. Believers in Christ are and forever more will be…infidels. Second class. That has NOT changed. And that’s not what Jesus said. (That a whole other blog.)

I know a Jewish man who has been to Israel many times, and insists that most Jews that live there are mostly atheist. That explains Spielberg, and the many Jews here that are always voting for liberals.

Julian also believed that religion would fade away—was he right?


In his essay The New Divinity (1965), part of Essays of a Humanist, Huxley proffered his theory on the future of religion in an age of rapid scientific advancement: obsolete, monotheistic faiths must, and will, be supplanted by evolutionary humanism in order to sustain progress.


Fast forward to another scientist who took it further:

Just 15 years after Huxley published his “New Divinity,” social critic Christopher Lasch traced the development of a new personality structure of the post-war generation in his 1979 book The Culture of Narcissism.

Before 2020, this phrase was used mostly by politicians to refer to acceptance of an anthropogenic climate disaster scenario. From 2020 onward, “believing the science” means placing full trust in the authority, capability, and intentions of the scientific establishment. 

The improperly-constructed rejoinder has nothing to do with actual knowledge of the science on any particular issue. “Believe in science” is an expression of scientism: a supplicant posture toward scientists and obedience to their decrees.


In other words, ‘science’ replaces religion and THAT is used to control everyone.

“The good thing about Science is that it’s true, whether or not you believe in it,” – deGrasse Tyson

Sorry: Tyson is no Segan. Tyson got Pluto off the map as a planet, and then had to admit he was WRONG when actual pictures came back.

So, history tells us that this age old fight between making men gods and actual belief that there IS a higher power than us, goes on…

Steve Jobs once said that he believed all people on the planet believe there is SOME kind of God. Too many people feel his presence. Literally.

Einstein did too.

 “Even something as tiny as a cup of coffee needs arranging, just think about it. In this universe, there are countless planets, and each of them follows an orbit while revolving around their axis. God reveals Himself in the orderly manner of what exists!”

Whatever you believe, one truth really remains elementary: Religion gives strength and helps progress if it’s the right religion, and that’s why Western civilization has flourish while the Muslim nations have not.

But, when you get rid of Christianity, and the laws of Moses, and replace it with the gods of men, you end up back in the dark ages.

Islam, despite its devotion to ALLAH, IS the rule of men. And the Muslims nations, and the nations with no gods but the state, will in the end destroy humanity.

Biden is soulless. So was Obama. Our western leaders make themselves gods.

The people who believe in Einstein’s God, who identified himself as a follower of Baruch Spinoza – a 17th-century Dutch-Jewish pantheist philosopher who saw God in every aspect of existence as well as extending beyond what we can perceive in the world—Will always bring humanity to it’s very best, as history has proven.  Julian’s ‘god’ was simply man deciding what’s best for man. And Bill Gates is following in his footsteps.

Some people should just get off the planet, according to Bill and the Elites.

 MAN, as we have all seen, makes a poor god.

Aldous Huxley was the better brother. His brother was…playing god.

And isn’t it ironic, that now, in 2021, we see the two beliefs coming to a head?

(Thanks to Mrs. O)

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  1. “”The first pilgrims to America were fleeing persecution in England. The Catholic church had become as tyrannical as any dictator””……… Really. You mean the Catholic Church that had built Europe and established Law, Hospitals and Universities, and was persecuted to oblivion in Britain by Protestants, started by a King who would not keep his Member for the Midlands in his pants?

    The Protestants warred amongst themselves and the Pilgrims ran away from even dafter, nastier, more brutish anti-Catholic buggers.


    Comment by Amfortas | September 7, 2021 | Reply

    • ha ha, every time I read the history YOU’VE read, and the history that I’ve read, It’s like two different universes. Which, is understandable  You are an Englishman, I am an American…If you were Indian and I was Chinese we’d might have the same problems. We studied different books.  From the American history books, (I have no English ones) Henry the VIII got rid of the Pope because he wanted a divorce, but HIS church, the church of England remained the same. While the Catholic church did wonderful things, I don’t believe I was attacking the church. I WILL attack this idiotic pope.  England gave humanity it’s BEST laws, and Americans considered themselves English before the revolution. . Do you forget that? But they demanded the same rights as Englishmen. There are ALWAYS evil and good in most anything.  The Catholic churches have done much good, and much bad. England did a lot of great stuff, and not so great stuff.  Same with America. It’s the way of the human race. The Catholic church is run like any government. The people at the top of the spear can really do a lot of harm. Religion has always been used for prosecution, not matter WHOSE in charge of what.  Amfortas, you make me laugh sometimes. You take any attack on the Catholic church so very personal. I speak from my own experience with the Catholic church.  And I really don’t belong to any church. BUT…I think churches of the Christian sects are certainly disappearing and therefore, morals, rights, laws are disappearing with them. I believe in this article I was writing about two brothers.  What is your opinion on Julian? 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | September 7, 2021 | Reply

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