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Nobody Flashes: If at First You Don’t Succeed…Cheat!

While everyone is celebrating the “Build, Back, Better” bill, because Joe Manchin voted against it, the democrats went another way: According to Dick Morris, they will just get the voting rights acts passed, and Joe will help them.

This voting rights crap is SUCH a scam.

ANYBODY with a brain who lives in America knows that blacks do NOT have trouble voting. And if they can’t find a ride to the voting booth, they have plenty of options to get there. I live near Ferguson, Mo, the start of Obama’s race war, and trust me, there are plenty of blacks who are all middle class, drive expensive brand-new SUV’s, have jobs, and get extra money for just being black and having kids. And I’m pretty sure I read there are more millionaire blacks than whites in accordance to their numbers. So, they are not being kept from voting.

So this ‘voter’ BS is just that: BS. Candice Owens has attested to that. But the democrats are using it to take away states rights, and giving illegals the chance to vote: no ID required. They can now do that in New York.

As Dick says:


Giving the Attorney General, and, by extension, the president and the Democratic Party the power to reject re-apportionment lines, thereby assuring the Democratic Congress of their own re-election.

• Allowing same day voter registration with no photo id to allow massive fraudulent voting by illegal immigrants.

• Blocking effective signature verification on absentee and mail-in ballots.

• Allowing private funding of the election processes in the various states, thus allowing partisans like Mark Zuckerberg to choose the umpires to supervise elections.

Since the Democratic majority in the Senate is based on the voter fraud that enabled the election of Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock in the 2020 runoff, the Democrats are essentially ratifying the cheating that allowed them to win the Senate and then using that skullduggery to stop enforcement of integrity safeguards in all other elections.


Hillary is shouting to get rid of the electorial college. And they all SCREAM the words “We will lose our democracy!”, knowing that our own kids and even most adults do NOT know the difference between a democracy (which always fails in history every time) or a republic.

Corrupt politicians ALWAYS love to fool the ignorant public with words…for instance:

THE PEOPLE’S Republic of China. Ha ha haha …yeah. China is SUCH a republic of the people. LOL.

THEY are the ones destroying the free republic of America. THEY are the tyrants.

But then again, you know that.

Here’s the REST of Dick’s video which was omitted from Youtube, which you might want to watch.

Catastrophe! Voting “Rights” Act Will Likely Pass – Lunch Alert! – at

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