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Nobody Wins: Random Idiots

First up, Idiot Number One: Can this women even ADD? Come on. Whose grandma is she? Is she just a fraud like our President Joe Biden? Is this Madeline Albright’s step-sister? HEY Janet! Why don’t you pay attention to the millions that will be dying of starvation NOW because of your idiotic grasp of economics? Really, why wasn’t she saying this stuff when President Trump was in office…mmmm? She was sooooooo

Quiet. Frankly, she has better hair than Nancy, who at 80 STILL dies her hair.

She’s concerned that our planet will be gone in the future? I’m concerned that Bill Gates will find a way to keep THIS woman alive with genetic chips.

I’m tired of hearing the planet is going to die. She must have stock in electric cars too.

USEFUL IDIOT? You tell me.

Second Up: Idiot Number Two: When you tell enough blacks that whites are the reason they are stupid, then you get this man. But, he’s just a dranaged, and brain damaged racist, but you can’t call him that.

Still, can we really blame him? The real idiots are in our media and government who keep pushing the race-hating retoric to divide and control us all.

Paul says what we ALL are thinking. He’s black, nobody died, and he’ll probably blame this on President Trump and get a few million for his suffering.

I could fill up this whole blog with random idiots. Now, they seem to be everywhere.

In the government, on our streets: no wonder people are staying home.

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