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Snake Venon in the Vaccines?

Nobody Wonders

Watch this video and tell me, WOULD they put SNAKE poison in the vaccines? Well, we are watching Shanghi being locked down and starved to death, and it looks like hundreds of Chinses are being tortured and jumping to their deaths, just like in 9/11, only MUCH more are jumping. And China could care less. Biden hasn’t said a word about it.

And THIS is the system they want to bring to America. Even Trump has not mentioned this. China’s genocide is bigger, and by the way, if you believe as I do that the virus was a bio-weapon released to destroy the economies of the world and give China our country, in order to make some rich people rich, then maybe this is actaully true.

If you research further they are poisioning the water. Well, Fluoride IS a poison. And Fauci says we will NEED another lockdown, probably.

Watch this, if for no other reason than to say, OMG.

In the meantime, remember…It’s Good Friday. There is evil, and there is good. Just like there are men and there are women. The future will be fought upon the battlefield of the brave.

We could sure use the glory of god right now, couldn’t we?

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