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On the big plans that the ‘elites’ have for us: Here’s an example from the book The Great Narrative by Klaus Schwab on saving us all from carbon:

The NGFS (Network for Greening the Financial System) suggest that possibly nations, companies, and individuals who draw carbon from the atmosphere could be paid for it directly. Possibly petrostates could be compensated for the fossil fuels they keep in the ground. Possibly oil companies could be paid to suck carbon from the air and then pump it back into the ground: they could also be paid to pump water from under the great glaciers of Antarctica and Greenland, which are currently sliding into the sea on newly melted subterranean water slides. Of course, legislatures and citizens will need to urge their central banks, and ultimately to instruct or order them, to do these things. But the good news is that with these new strategies in hand, even in our current political economy, awkwardly suited at best to the task at hand, we might be able to pay ourselves to do the necessary things and thus dodge the coming mass-extinction event.

I don’t know about you, but who’s going to pay to PUMP the water out of the Antarctica and Greenland? Oil companies? And what are they going to do with that water? Sell it? In the Coke plastic bottles that we all buy? And SUCK carbon from the air?


“And ultimately to instruct or ORDER them” key words here.

Yes, Klaus has big plans. Insanity. And speaking of insanity, here’s an insane rant from one of Biden’s appointee’s:  

Yep, better buy that new fridge NOW.

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