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The Truth Cannot Be Hidden

Nobody’s Opinion

While the year ahead looks dismal, I keep reminding myself of the thousands of people speaking out about what’s going on. After all, the elites are spelling out right on their web pages that they plan to make humanity slaves, and they plan to make all of us suffer. Too many people think that they will not be successful..BUT…because they can now rig elections, lie, cheat, kill, and nothing is ever done to them, it’s going to be a long, long fight.

Nevertheless, small steps: I live near Fergusion, MO. and the blacks that I run into now are starting to realize THEY don’t like what is being done to their neighborhoods either.

Sure, the movies and news are still trying to get the blacks all riled up, and politicians are trying to basically destroy the ‘white’ race, and the old, but I am finding in my everyday experiences many blacks like this man.

He explains the truth plainly.

And so, knowledge sets us free.

Enjoy this man. I wish I would have been there to clap!

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